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hell of procrastinator(s)


As the semester began, I was whirling for arranging my schedule for many students. Trust me that I didn’t pretend to be the busiest person in the universe. Many expatriate who are even busier than me, yet they can handle the entire bloody bustle adorably by making a very tight schedule and of course stick to it punctually. My habits until senior high school was listing the schedule each day in my mind, but starting undergraduate study I could not really count on my mind and chamber the brain carefully for the arranged schedule. I broke the schedule as I need more time for certain subjects to be dug or some assignments to be placed in the first priority of completion. Further, I discovered myself as an obsessed reviewer of certain subjects that I fond of until I unconsciously repeated them several times just for the satisfaction of understanding and development of the knowledge that I could store in my subconscious mind. It is simply concluded as “eternal insanity of mine that I will freeze for myself as my ultimate strength of learning to the core”.

Next, how does the schedule work at the end? Successful is nearly massive victory, but I will reveal that I gain the exquisite pain as the students’ interest does not do utmost. Analysis is always becoming my highest pleasure upon myself. Mostly, my schedule has already been completely determined for both parties also some spare time for holiday and breathe the air. As I mentioned before, that I gain the pain. Literal meaning of pain is thinking the most acceptable duration for reaching the target, putting aside my own holiday that I have during weekend for the extra services, keeping my eyes standby for answering the questions, tuning my sensitivity to the student’s feeling and situation that they face at specific time, and else. Undeniably, I always meet the typical procrastinator students. In a very wide range of performing delay and inconsistency of clinging to the schedule, I will not summarize the group based on the gender. Validity of the conclusion may create controversy.

What is the most enchanted lesson learned that I gain from them? The girt! Confidently, I am uncontrollably steadfast with positivity until the last bell ring. The consistency of staying in the line even though the distractions are really tempting is something that I called the girt. Prone to be equal as perseverance. Others might protest that I have no tolerance on reaching the target accurately by the time set. But, I will reveal that if you want to have extra fresh air, then double the effort and maximize the attempt. If it is nearly obtaining the winning, then it doesn’t mean that we are successful. Complete the whole concept of hard work until the victory is legalized, then celebrate. So, the procrastinator of this type is really the wacky one, since he/she accumulates the hurt and the hope at once in the same place and time inside the darkness of incapability of changing the reality. Destructing mind, leaving the un-bandaged scar, and imprisoning the competences!



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Discussion is the richest activity that I can conclude among other activities further in my life. In a nutshell, I always enjoy the discussion even though I am just a listener.  What’s the most interesting topic to be discussed so far? Mostly, I don’t have any objections about the topic as long as it is useful and worth, except gossiping. Some gossips, usually I just hear without any power of dismissing or diverting to another useful one. Let’s summarize that it is my greatest weakness among girls. Can I be categorized as female gender? I am just versatile; both sexes can be adjusted easily in certain interval of time.

Majority, I converse with all the gender and age in all varieties of conversation topics. In the last 5 years, I dealt with college students intensively so that the most popular subject is academic things especially my prominent major which is structural engineering. Never believe my looks, since I haven’t got all the understanding in structural engineering that massive and fluent. What I try to construct until now is the ambience of discussion without being judged of silly question to be questioned. Specifically, all the questions are the most silly one; it depends on how confident the person to ask. During class, most of the students are not really into of asking a single question due to many reasons. That is why, my desk is always open for students to discuss and ask. Moreover, another business may rise to be the topic of discussion such as Korean drama, games, pouring heart, and other unpredictable topics.

Once, I have unforgettable experiences about the most critical student ever. Named him Krisna. He was one of my advisee, but ever since he was my student in the second semester, he was one of the most ravenous about knowledge during class or outside. I told you something that he was spending most of the discussion for his Bachelor thesis through Whatsapp chats. At first, I was a bit uncertain on how he understood my answers through chats. But, later I recognized that he was avid of books and software so that he always confirmed all my explanations by himself through books and practice it if it is related to software. Unbelievable that it was really effective and efficient on him without my existence then the knowledge can be absorbed maximum. What a fabulous experience that I store for once!

Regarding the most essential conversation, I discuss with a small number of student in my circle about their research interest. One day that I will keep it as the most pleased moment was when I talked about anti-symmetric geometry with Andrey and Aji regarding the paper that I assigned for them to be conceived. They argued that symmetric and anti-symmetric were just the same. Quiet some of time needed for explaining the concept of anti-symmetric, as I found the way of using the anti-symmetric loading for the simplest one to be utilized. Finally, it was solved. Andrey even searched in Google translator on how to pronounce “anti-symmetric” as he didn’t believe on how I pronounced it well. We laughed a lot just to make sure each other about the concept, moreover to convince them that “anti-symmetric” was really a vocabulary and it is really exist.

Further, I discovered another fun fact about anti-symmetric personality between them. Andrey was a typical consistent introvert; generally he always kept the track on his own with a high alarm of being investigated. He usually noticed if he would be trapped by my questions. Actually, I just did it for understanding his personality, besides we talk professionally in accordance of academic stuffs. He was brilliant in mastering something without being needed of personal assistance from a tutor or teacher. My concern until now is just disturbance that he has on controlling himself due to his mood. Not yet to be detected, since it was a big homework for me that I haven’t solved it good until now. What about Aji? He was also another brilliant with deeper thinking regarding problems confided to him. He mostly got wrenched due to his own analysis and ended up with frustration. Perfection is one of his prides until he cannot be easy on himself to reach his own satisfaction on completing something. Also, for knowledge he is avid of beating all at once. Frankly, he is being burnt by his own rating of gaining the best. At least it is still fun and defied to be conquered. Both of them are the brilliants that I treasure which are like moon and the sun in personality. Learning from their behavior is another happy moment to be applied on myself if it is possible. The probability of being excellent as them is a complete No, but I love certain way on how they deal with academic things.


Mazy can be the disability of chambering the brain properly. Symmetric must be accurately the same from both side, but as the portrait of different angle was taken then un-symmetric or anti-symmetric will rise outstandingly

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Warm “Sunshine”

The most profound search of ours is ambition. Whether it will be bias in meaning, ambition can be the dream with the rocket power. It urges to be accomplished and executed until we forget that relativity may turn into absolutism.


When does the sun usually shine bright? Regarding my time zone, I will exclaim that there is eternal sunshine exist in my life. No need the specific division of latitude and longitude for proving it, I state that it is the absolute of my time zone. This sunshine has the gender of female, name her Ines Wahyuniati Riza who is living in remote galaxy called Tangerang. Sorry girl, I just haven’t found out the beauty of this galaxy until I call “remote”. She is an everlasting sunshine for me and maybe sky walker “Dewanti” as well, so again the time will be undefined. Basically, this girl was the successor of my first student that I tagged along for the international conference after the sky walker. Japan is her fancy adorable place that always makes her uneasy to move forward after. She is the figure of “baper” individual that I notice for the first time and probably the acute one. Throughout her undergraduate study, she was destined to be under my surveillance from the very start. Unfortunately, I was her academic guardian lecturer for about 4 years of completion of her study at Civil Engineering Department, State University of Jakarta. As the time went by, I was also becoming her supervisor for many things such as competitions, internship, and bachelor thesis.

Noticing her ambitious behavior but cheerful person, she is a consistent and lustrous in achieving the target even though it is set by others. My bloody ambitions can be carried out superbly by her for the last two years of her involvement with my evil circle. One day, she expressed that she will be just nothing without my target applied on her. But, that was not 100% true. Her active and initiative attitude is her most superiority that I will not dodge for sure. Her participation on Mawapres selection for the first time in 2015 was the great leap in our department that also encourage me to be consistent in enforcing a small number of students with a prominent excellence to participate in the year after. The ultimate victory is her becoming the representative of Faculty of Engineering in the following year (2016) to compete with other best candidates from other faculties. That must be her hard days since at first she decided not to join the event, but I bend on my knees to ask her shift the decision. It was her last semester which she needed to concentrate working on her bachelor thesis as she always reminded me that she didn’t want to extend her study. We made a deal. Astonishingly, she was able to go to university as the representative of Mawapres from the Faculty of Engineering and she could also complete her study on time. It was a worth transaction. I thought she would be worth of the medal of persistence, if there was an extra category at Mawapres selection. I admire you to death girl!

Let’s move on to her journey on the international conference event. That was the most marvelous part that I will scratch here. After I was back from Taiwan in 2014, I quickly elected to have the successor for the sky walker so that I will keep consistent in this track. Completely different way from the sky walker, I took her for eating out with the sky walker in order to convince her to be in the team. We ate ice cream and fast food at the famous fast food restaurant, since I couldn’t afford something fancy for eating out for a very important future MOU. She was anxious, and asked me to give some time before telling her decision. In a nutshell, she accepted the offer. One day, before we went back to Jakarta from Osaka, she revealed something surprising that she had a never-ending stomachache from the day she agreed to be in the team until the conference day was fulfilled. I laughed out loud for receiving that confession, yet I was proud of her for being able to complete the mission securely and of course with pride.  ACCMES 2015 was her first shot of doing research presentation. Together with the sky walker she took the energy quantification as the subject of her research. The focus was about the roof configuration of the residential houses in the slum area in Kwitang. How did the presentation go? No doubt that she can conquer it nicely. Thousands of practices were the keys. For the second chance in Tokyo, she was even better than before. Her English is fantastic and fabulous. So, now the readers may summarize that I was taking the soul of the students’ youth in order to live longer. Yes, I am that notorious.

Actually, the nickname of “sunshine” was given by the sky walker. Firstly, I don’t take serious thinking regarding it. But, once I recalled my memories back with her for about 4 years, I will convince that it matches her suitably. Representation of a hard working attitude regarding her ambition is the prolific individual on her. She almost never had doubts on accomplishing my quest even though I knew that she got the bloods and tears in order to try to meet my preference. Thank God that she keeps her cheerful personality after all the suffering target that I invest on her. Keep it consistent girl, you do know how to train yourself.

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6/8 and friends..

Special occasion that I’m thankful to the maximum. Here are some recaps that might be useful for me, my students, or readers. Thank you for your hardworking attitude, never-ending curiosity, the furthest exploration, even for all the laughter and cries. Moreover for the other supervisors Mrs. Sittati Musalamah, Mr. R. Eka Murtinugraha, Mr. Tri Mulyono, and Mr. Prihantono for their best dedication. Let me guide you to know them.

structural team_3

left pic (front : left-right): Ines, Nabilla ; (back : left-right): Nurul Hanifah (Hani), Indra

top-right pic (left-right) : Krisna, Ines, me, Nabilla, Ibnu

bottom-right pic (left-right) : Krisna, Indra, Ines, Ibnu

structural team_1

Structural team picture advised by Sittati Musalamah (Ginanjar, Indra, Hani)

top pic (front : left-right): Krisna, Ibnu ; (back : left – right): Ines, Nabilla, me, Sittati, Hani, Indra

bottom-left pic (left-right): Ginanjar, me, Sittati

bottom-right pic (left-right): Hani, Sittati, Indra

structural team_2

Structural team picture advised by me (Ines, Nabilla, Rolan, Feni, Krisna, Ibnu)

top pic (left-right): Indra, Nabilla, Feni, Rolan, Hani, me, Ines, Ibnu, Krisna)

bottom-left pic (left-right): Krisna, me, Ibnu

bottom-right pic (left-right): Nabilla, me, Ines


Trust me that I’m the “dracula” of your youth spirit. Absorbing the maximum energy of yours and extracting the essence of your knowledge. I love to see your wrinkle while getting frustrated, definitely. 🙂

Theme of their thesis will be explained, so that you need to concentrate (while having tea or coffee) in order to understand what are they doing for their Bachelor Thesis and Diploma Thesis. I will try my best to make it concise and understandable.

Feni Anggraeni

Advisor : Ririt AS

Diploma thesis title : Structural calculation of 2-storey residential building using steel and composite system

Description :

She was proposing a 2-story house to be calculated its structural element by using steel and composite design. Steel element was for the columns, while beam was utilized by composite system (concrete-steel). Slab system applied was concrete reinforced with the steel rebar. The codes used for design mostly was Indonesia National Standard (SNI for concrete, loading, and steel structure). Computation process exploited for 2D frame analysis was using conventional calculation (Cross Method) and software calculation (SAP 2000).

Ginanjar Khaq

Advisors : Sittati M, R. Eka Murtinugraha

Bachelor thesis title : Study of Building Structural Behavior due to Column Dimension Variation under Earthquake (Case Study: Satrio Tower, Jakarta)

Description :

He did the analysis for multistory building which was symmetric in the layout (octagonal building). Seismic analysis took advantage of response spectrum analysis by using commercial software ETABS in order to see the structural response behavior. The variation of the column dimension was applied for several stories. Finally, the most economical dimension can be concluded for this high-rise building in order to reduce the mass of structure without neglecting the structural performance under lateral forces e.g. earthquake.

Ibnu Khoidir Arosid

Advisors : Ririt AS, R. Eka Murtinugraha

Bachelor thesis title : Comparative Study on Structural Design of Flat Slab – Drop Panel System and Slab – Beam System for Sequis Tower Basement

Description :

Sequis Tower was built as high-rise building, but the floor system of the basement was different from the upper structure. Flat slab system was one of unique system which can resist the lateral force about 10%, besides the light mass of the structure in general. So, he did the analysis of the basement only (6 floors) with the irregularity of the basement layout due to its resistance regarding the earthquake compared to conventional (slab-beam) system using ETABS v.9.7.1. The preliminary design was required for slab and beam in order to see the significant comparison between flat slab – drop panel system and slab – beam system. In conclusion, flat – slab system was proven to have better resistance due to earthquake, yet decrease the volume of the structure.

Indra Maulana

Advisors : Sittati M, R. Eka Murtinugraha

Bachelor thesis title : Earthquake Structure Response of Multistory Building due to Shear Wall Location Variation

Description :

The case study of his bachelor thesis was the same as Ginanjar. But, he applied different analysis to this building due to the position of core wall under the lateral force (specifically due to earthquake by engaging response spectrum analysis). He would like to see another opportunity of stability of the structure while the core wall was spread into shear wall in five variations of location by doing simulation using ETABS. It was randomly placed by considering symmetric and asymmetric shear wall position. Generally, the symmetric spreading of shear wall to the building will perform immediate occupancy level for the structural elements, while asymmetric spreading will result the damage level.

Ines Wahyuniati Riza

Advisors : Ririt AS, R. Eka Murtinugraha

Bachelor thesis title : Analysis of Rectangular Building Behavior by Applying Re-entrant Corner Variation

Description :

The comparison between length (L) and width (W) of the building should be limited 4 in order to comply the stability requirement. But, she was taking the case study of the building of L/W more than 7 which was clearly predicted to be unstable due to lateral force in the weak axis. The analysis employed response spectrum analysis using commercial software ETABS in order to analyze the behavior of the structure. Application of some re-entrant corners was subjected to the building for about 10 variations resulted in irregularity to the building itself. The symmetric application re-entrant corner caused the behavior nearly the same as the existing building, while asymmetric damaged the structure significantly especially in the weak axis of the building.

Krisna Setiawan

Advisors : Ririt AS, Prihantono

Bachelor thesis title : Study of Irregular Building Behavior Equipped with Shear Wall System using Pushover Analysis

Description :

Pushover analysis is suitable to be performed in low to middle rise building only, in general. The first mode analysis was simple and easy to be analyzed, but by performing pushover analysis we would have plastic hinge condition for each structural element for the whole structure so that it would be easier to be detected for retrofitting. LPSK building was chosen by him to be analyzed due to its special characteristic of the layout even though it was low-rise building. Doing several experiments for applying pushover loading in several nodes on the building was truly challenging in order to get the most critical area. The effect of shear wall was another different job to analyze the capacity curve and set the displacement control until the building shows certain target performance level. The placement of pushover loading was surprisingly not critical in the top of the building (helipad), but in the roof floor.

Nabilla Narasita

Advisors : Tri Mulyono, Ririt AS

Bachelor thesis title : Bearing Capacity Analysis of Pile Group using Static Method at Educational Support Facility Building State University of Jakarta

Description :

Her research was focused on the static method to analyze the bearing capacity due to several approaches in static method. At least four approaches (Tomlinson, Meyerhof, Aoki de Alencar, and Betha) were involved in order to compare the axial bearing capacity, and two approaches (Broms and Lpile software result) for lateral capacity. The utilization of soil test data was a must in static method. Cone Penetration Test and Standard Penetration Test result were the main guidance to do computation process. Result show that several methods were deviated in the number of group pile and axial capacity, where Betha approach was the greater one. Once, the lateral capacity was big difference by using Broms approach.

Nurul Hanifah

Advisors : Tri Mulyono, Sittati M

Bachelor thesis title : Review on the Structural Design of Pile Foundation for Dewi Sartika Building at UNJ (State University of Jakarta) Based on Soil Parameter and Static Loading Test

Description :

Static loading test (SLT) was assured to be the most actual result to know the bearing capacity of the foundation. She was trying to compare the calculation result of foundation bearing capacity based on soil parameter (static method) to  SLT result. Cohesion was the main concern in this research where the result may significantly close to the real condition of foundation bearing capacity. Meyerhof N-SPT approaches as part of static method performed the closest value SLT result.

Rolan Mediana Silaban

Advisor : Ririt AS

Diploma thesis title : Structural calculation of 2-storey residential building using steel and composite system

Description :

She was proposing a 2-story house to be calculated its structural element by using steel and composite design. Steel element was for the columns, while beam was utilized composite system (concrete-steel). Slab system applied was concrete reinforced with the steel rebar. The codes used for design mostly was Indonesia National Standard (SNI for concrete, loading, and steel structure). Computation process exploited for 2D frame analysis by using conventional calculation (Cross Method) and software calculation (SAP 2000). Almost the same process like Feni did, but she proposed different layout of the house.

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don’t judge yourself as God..!

It’s nearly 5 years of my dedication to be a “lecture-called”. Totally different with the era when I was a college student for the past 10 years. Well-behaved and well-ordered performance before the show in facing the lecturers were part of daily routine. It’s God damn important to be as perfect as you can to eliminate the unpredictable cases in the future. But, I tell you for sure there’s a lesson-learned. I felt like being under surveillance so that I need to be really careful in many ways. Not only in studying, but also in other human kind relationship (with friends and faculty members).

Lately, I’ve been messaged by my student who was asking for my consideration to repair his final score in my course. A typical senior who was acted as he deserved for a sympathy. Something that I really hate most is begging like a beggar while his/her body was healthy. Where was the brain? Mentally sick completed with silly shortcut. So, is this the generation? One of my favorite principle is “There’s no more space for you to go except GOING UP when you were down”. Begging must be gifted to your God only.

After finish with the message, he told me something which was more ridiculous such: “It’s beneficiary for helping me fix my score. Moreover you’ll be granted for God’s reward”. Is he a best friend of God? Did he know precisely God’s calculation of reward? God is never judging instantly.

I’ll go back to my past story when I was taking Mechanics of Structure 5 course. At that semester, I was also doing my Bachelor Thesis which topic was related to that course and fortunately my supervisor was the one who was lecturing that course. Shortly, I failed in that course but with pride. My lecturer (and my supervisor as well) said that I was able to pass with C score, but he decided to give me D either. Some words came out from him to encourage me that it’s the best way to do to rise up my spirit of mastering this course. I didn’t disagree at all and it’s good to take another semester for battling with that course. Anyway, the result was, I couldn’t finish my bachelor thesis in one year though 😀

No regret at all while we strive for the best. For the slow, just enjoy the time and phase. For the fast, plan it good and keep the dream high.

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first key…

pencerahanAfter cancelation for two weeks, I finally met my Professor to report some progress about what I’ve understood according to my thesis topics. Actually this is the part that I hate most. All we need to do is reading all the books and journal papers all the time. In my limited time of completing the never-ending homework, I have so many difficulties in understanding each part of the new things considering to my special topic which is about corrosion. It’s designing part in Civil Engineering, so there will be no experimental practice done according to my thesis. All we need to do is concentrating in so many equations to make the equation working for certain circumstances of structure under the external loading. For simple, we have to find the capacity of the structure due to the loading.

In the very first time of the meeting, the Professor asked me to find some idea about the deterioration of the structure because of the earthquake and the environment. For me, earthquake is quite common. Since the earthquake is one of the most destructing loading to the structure. Then what about the environment. I suggest the wind loading, but the Professor said that it’s significant just for the highrise building. Then he give me the idea about corrosion. It’s so chemical. All the research connects to corrosion is for the material part, not the calculation of structural part. I start to get confused about this one. Another clue from my Professor is “binding failure”

I’ve tried to read the books and find some journal papers about the binding failure in reinforced concrete. But, as we expected that it’s all about the experimental data and its explanation in graphic and table. It’s difficult to find the equation to solve the capacity of the building due to the corrosion. Another fact that I’ve been analyzed is that corrosion is dependent of time. So the results of the calculation will be a random variable. No wonder why the Professor asks me to take Random Vibration course. Then today, the Professor said that, it’s not only dependent with time, but also dependent with space. Oh my Goodness…another big problem for me.

Today’s meeting, I just report that I can’t find any references about how to calculate the capacity of the structure considering the binding failure. Then the Professor just give me a smile, and tell me that it’s a fact that we will be in trouble in finding the equation to solve it. Then the Professor gives me another journal paper to be analyzed. The conclusion of today’s meeting is I have to develop a new equation to find the capacity of the structure by considering a binding failure. (*deep sigh…followed by the sweet smile of the Professor) How can I face the day later…Building a new equation??? This is the first key of my thesis, what a difficult job actually…

~ The distance is nothing. It’s only the first step which is difficult ~

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