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Warm “Sunshine”

The most profound search of ours is ambition. Whether it will be bias in meaning, ambition can be the dream with the rocket power. It urges to be accomplished and executed until we forget that relativity may turn into absolutism.


When does the sun usually shine bright? Regarding my time zone, I will exclaim that there is eternal sunshine exist in my life. No need the specific division of latitude and longitude for proving it, I state that it is the absolute of my time zone. This sunshine has the gender of female, name her Ines Wahyuniati Riza who is living in remote galaxy called Tangerang. Sorry girl, I just haven’t found out the beauty of this galaxy until I call “remote”. She is an everlasting sunshine for me and maybe sky walker “Dewanti” as well, so again the time will be undefined. Basically, this girl was the successor of my first student that I tagged along for the international conference after the sky walker. Japan is her fancy adorable place that always makes her uneasy to move forward after. She is the figure of “baper” individual that I notice for the first time and probably the acute one. Throughout her undergraduate study, she was destined to be under my surveillance from the very start. Unfortunately, I was her academic guardian lecturer for about 4 years of completion of her study at Civil Engineering Department, State University of Jakarta. As the time went by, I was also becoming her supervisor for many things such as competitions, internship, and bachelor thesis.

Noticing her ambitious behavior but cheerful person, she is a consistent and lustrous in achieving the target even though it is set by others. My bloody ambitions can be carried out superbly by her for the last two years of her involvement with my evil circle. One day, she expressed that she will be just nothing without my target applied on her. But, that was not 100% true. Her active and initiative attitude is her most superiority that I will not dodge for sure. Her participation on Mawapres selection for the first time in 2015 was the great leap in our department that also encourage me to be consistent in enforcing a small number of students with a prominent excellence to participate in the year after. The ultimate victory is her becoming the representative of Faculty of Engineering in the following year (2016) to compete with other best candidates from other faculties. That must be her hard days since at first she decided not to join the event, but I bend on my knees to ask her shift the decision. It was her last semester which she needed to concentrate working on her bachelor thesis as she always reminded me that she didn’t want to extend her study. We made a deal. Astonishingly, she was able to go to university as the representative of Mawapres from the Faculty of Engineering and she could also complete her study on time. It was a worth transaction. I thought she would be worth of the medal of persistence, if there was an extra category at Mawapres selection. I admire you to death girl!

Let’s move on to her journey on the international conference event. That was the most marvelous part that I will scratch here. After I was back from Taiwan in 2014, I quickly elected to have the successor for the sky walker so that I will keep consistent in this track. Completely different way from the sky walker, I took her for eating out with the sky walker in order to convince her to be in the team. We ate ice cream and fast food at the famous fast food restaurant, since I couldn’t afford something fancy for eating out for a very important future MOU. She was anxious, and asked me to give some time before telling her decision. In a nutshell, she accepted the offer. One day, before we went back to Jakarta from Osaka, she revealed something surprising that she had a never-ending stomachache from the day she agreed to be in the team until the conference day was fulfilled. I laughed out loud for receiving that confession, yet I was proud of her for being able to complete the mission securely and of course with pride.  ACCMES 2015 was her first shot of doing research presentation. Together with the sky walker she took the energy quantification as the subject of her research. The focus was about the roof configuration of the residential houses in the slum area in Kwitang. How did the presentation go? No doubt that she can conquer it nicely. Thousands of practices were the keys. For the second chance in Tokyo, she was even better than before. Her English is fantastic and fabulous. So, now the readers may summarize that I was taking the soul of the students’ youth in order to live longer. Yes, I am that notorious.

Actually, the nickname of “sunshine” was given by the sky walker. Firstly, I don’t take serious thinking regarding it. But, once I recalled my memories back with her for about 4 years, I will convince that it matches her suitably. Representation of a hard working attitude regarding her ambition is the prolific individual on her. She almost never had doubts on accomplishing my quest even though I knew that she got the bloods and tears in order to try to meet my preference. Thank God that she keeps her cheerful personality after all the suffering target that I invest on her. Keep it consistent girl, you do know how to train yourself.


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precious episodes ^^

~ The out-of-mind one of Laskar Chia Yi – Bungkil ~


Let me tell you what kind of friendship offered by her for about the last two months in Taipei :

1. Founding the  newest “Zoo” in NTUST – Taipei in desperate of beating the record of Taipei Zoo, even so sarcastically calling me with the most-famous-and-profitable-name *Guess what the name is??*

2. Succeed in making me the truly laborers in my own dormitory. How dare she did it to me! Feels like I’m a slave for her. Take care of her dirty clothes and iron it for her. It’s a truly harassment for my dignity *blowing the news* (peace bungkong^^)

3. Overbear my cupboard with her clothes and fit some of my clothes for her special events. Oh my God, please don’t send her again to Taipei if it’s not so important *kidding girls 😉 *

4. Happily lost her most valuable-and-prestigious bicycle and plan to another bicycle. What a wonderful person with a very limited-dreadful-uncertain scholarship!

5. Kind of sensitive person just because of tiny-small things which make her uncomfortable. But still…even though there are many uncomfortable things in my dormitory, she still makes herself as comfortable as her own as usual *sigh*

~ The toughest opponent – Mbak Lilik a.k.a Sri ~


Here it is the best partner in crime for Bungkil. They are compatible to be the foxes against me. Go on girls for doing such a humiliation to me. Then what she serves for our friendships??

1. Humiliation of course the best part of her specialty to make me down and be quiet as silent as the deep-dark-long cave

2. Her willingness of traveling around can be one of the advantage of taking her as a good companion to go here and there 😉

3. Thrifty-planning-meals are other benefits of her. She is good on that. Trust me. I’ve already become the member of her program. Wanna join her??? Just call 30404 😆

~ The young-beautiful-smart-independent French girl – Ouahiba ~


I never thought that she was Moslem until she asked us about the first day of Ramadhan. She is one of our friends in NTU Chinese class. Unfortunately we get closer and talk much in the last 1 week of Ramadhan. So the intensive conversation just happen when we were at the Taipei Grand Mosque. I do enjoy talking with her, even my English is pretty bad. She just can understand me and being so nice for every single conversation. She always wants to know much about Islam. She even has some desires of going to some Moslem countries. She has declared that she loves Asia. What a wonderful girl, since she is still 23 years old. Definitely younger than me *cry hard*

Maybe I can reach her through the email all the time, but still I feel a little bit sad since she is going back to France today (28 August 2009) on 13-hours-midnight direct flight to France. The last 1 week, we talk much about everything during the way back from the Taipei Grand Mosque by walking or when we met on the way to break the fasting together there. She even agreed when I offer her for a ride in the back of my bicycle. What a wonderful experience for me to meet another Moslem from the other part of the world.

~ The wonderful Chinese teachers – Mrs. Chen Fang Pei ~

last day

chinese papercut

Actually not only the teachers which is so wonderful but the class is marvelous as well. Here you will hear many different languages try to find its existence. Four different kinds of languages are Indonesian, English, Javanese and of course Chinese itself. Sometimes we forget that the one sitting next to us is Indian, but still we talk in Javanese. Oh my goodness, of course they don’t understand. But still, we didn’t realize that they’re not Indonesian. What a great class, even for the culture class part is so refreshing. Since I need to struggle with Chinese, so let’s meet on the next semester Chinese class *hoping for better Chinese*

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I did the homework!

2nd-grade-teacherMy next stories about my elementary teacher. Her name is Ibu Titin (actually I forgot her full name). She is the most beautiful teacher that I had in elementary school. She’s Sundanese actually, so she was so good when she taught the Sundanese. I need to tell you that I have the Sundanese class. It’s trully difficult, since I’m not Sundanese. But let’s forget about the lesson.

I have a memorable story about her. One day before the class ended, we usually collect the homework. And if the students didn’t do the homework, they must stand in front of the class and get some preaches from the teacher. Then you have to finish it at the class. So you will be the last to be home. That day, I actually had done the homework. I collect my work. I trully did it. But then the teacher says that she hadn’t seen my homework yet. Then I move forward to make sure that I’d already collected it on her desk. We usually collected the homework in front of the teacher on the teacher’s desk. Then, I didn’t find my work. I go back to my seat, then try to find my work. But there’s nothing. Well, I get back to the teacher and said that I had collected my work, but I didn’t know why it was disappeared.

The teacher gets a little bit angry, then said that I’m lying that I had done the homework. She ordered me to stand in front of the class. I insisted that I’ve done the homework. But the more I insisted, the more the teacher got angry. I started to cry. And after, I had to stand for a long time. I was the person who got home late, that was because of the punishment that I should receive. I was still crying when I walked out the class. I was unlucky, because the teacher accused me that I didn’t do the homework. But the next unlucky occasion happened again. Since I kept on crying, I didn’t watch my step. I fell into a deep ditch in front of my school. My legs were hurted and needed to do some treatment because it was bleeding. The people in front of my school who were helping me out from the ditch.

Until now, I never know where is my homework. Because when I checked at home, I didn’t even see my homework. And I was quite sure that I’ve already collect the homework. I feel that the teacher was unfair by doing that to me. But still she was my beautiful teacher. After I passed the second grade, she moved to another school. So until now, I haven’t seen her yet. I love to be taught by you. Thank’s for everything…

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The Very Best Teacher and Best Friend Ever…


Nearly for mother’s day in Indonesia. And I’ve already missed my mom from time to time. She is the very best teacher ever. She makes my brother and I can recognize the alphabets and numbers. She is good in teaching children because she knows how to treat the children. Long time ago, my mother wished to be a teacher but her sisters didn’t allow her to be a teacher. And now, she’s a very good mother for her family. She’s not only good in teaching, but also good in cooking and sewing. Some of my friends has tried my mom’s cooking, and they are satisfy. And for sewing, many of my clothes, especially my skirts are my mother’s hand made. Many abilities and skills that she has. I’m proud to have her as my mother.

Not only as a parent, my mother is a very best friend too. She can understand us in every way. She knows that we need some freedom and excuses to grow as we should be. She tolerates many things, as long as we responsible with our choices. But sometimes she gets angry too. And, it’s not good to see her mad, truly. My mother talks and shares much about everything. She talks in a very friendly ways, so we don’t feel that we’re preached by someone. She loves children and she knows how does it feel to be a children.

She’s easy to get close to everyone. Each of my friends and my brother’s friend know my mom well, very well actually. Sometimes they have a collaboration just to embarassed me. Sometimes I get angry, but I don’t mind about that. Sometimes I feel so sad if I remember my mom. As the time we grow older, my brother and I have not much time to get along with my mother. I talk to my mother for every hard days that I face, and she’s just listening and giving some comments that I have to be patient. She prays a lot for me, but sometimes I didn’t obey her. I feel so guilty. And now, after I’m so far away from her she gives more prayer for me and also courages to keep my spirit high to finish my study. It’s just the beginning, but I’ve already missed her a lot. I just entrust my mother to Allah SWT. Please give her the best, as she always gives to my brother and I. It’s getting gloomy, I need to end this.

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The First Teacher (Ibu Yusmiasih)


It’s been a long time that I want to post all the teachers who had ever taught me. From the elementary until senior high school. Since I didn’t enroll the kindergarten, so I can not show the profile of my kindergarten teacher. For me the first teacher is my mother.  She has a very good way of teaching. She taught me and my brother about the basic calculation, writting, and reading. And the result is not disappointing. She is good in teaching and taking care of the children.

My first environment in education is Elementary School. For me it’s the most memorable time in my life. I didn’t have to study harder, like I do now. It’s fun…just learn how to write and do the simple calculation. Beside, I don’t need to memorize many lessons. I have many beautiful experiences in my Elementary School. Ibu Yus (that’s the nickname of Ibu Yusmiasih) is a very tough and patient teacher that I’ve ever known. She taught the first grade. You know what, to be the teacher in the first grade needs extra patience. And she had that. She is perfect to be the first grade teacher. She is not only handling the lessons, but also handling the students. She is the second mother for all the students. She took care all the messy things happened in the class. Noisy is one of the most difficult thing to handle. But she had her own way to keep the students paid attention to her.

She was not fierce, but she had her own rule. Her voice was loud, but she didn’t judge the students. She was strong, but her hands showed the tenderness. She would hug you when you are too afraid to be injected when the doctor came to the school for the immunization. She would not come home until your mom came to pick you up. She is excellent. The best teacher for leaning on.

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He’s Out Just Because of Me

From the frst time I come up to the school environment, I don’t feel so safe. I just feel curious to be there. Since I didn’t attend the kindergarten school, so I started my school time in the Elementary school. As an elementary student, I was so worry that my mother would not be with me. So she would not accompany me to do many things that I couldn’t do by myself.

But, I had some very wonderful teachers. They treat me like their own son/daughter. They keep me warm. Eventhough, still my mother was waitting outside. I have a very memorable story about my elementary teacher. His name is Pak Namin. He is an Islamic religion teacher. Actually he is so kind, but when he came up to the class I was crying as hard as I can. Do you know why? Because he was wearing glasses. What’s wrong with glasses! That’s the story begins. I was so affraid of the blind people. People who are blind usually wears dark glasses. And in my age, I couldn’t differ the dark glasses and other glasses. I just thought that the people who is wearing glasses is blind.

I was a weird people at that time, some friends of mine always laughed everytime I started to cry when Pak Namin entered the classroom. The solution was my mother attending the class just to make me calm. So funny 🙂 My mother always gave me an understanding, that Pak Namin was not blind. “If he is blind, how could he teach you and your friends”, my mom said. At that time she told about that I think that I can understand. But when the Pak Namin’s class began, I forgot all of my mom’s sayings. I cried again and again, and my mom attended this class again…

All of the teachers and also the headmaster tried to find the solution for my problem. They decide to change the Islamic religion teacher with Bu Yayah. Then the tragedy stopped. But, after I grow up, I always thinking why did Pak Namin out from the school. It should be me who is out from the school. Just because of 1 person, the lovely teacher is ready to be transferred to another school. Oh my goodness…What kind of a student I was..!

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