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hell of procrastinator(s)


As the semester began, I was whirling for arranging my schedule for many students. Trust me that I didn’t pretend to be the busiest person in the universe. Many expatriate who are even busier than me, yet they can handle the entire bloody bustle adorably by making a very tight schedule and of course stick to it punctually. My habits until senior high school was listing the schedule each day in my mind, but starting undergraduate study I could not really count on my mind and chamber the brain carefully for the arranged schedule. I broke the schedule as I need more time for certain subjects to be dug or some assignments to be placed in the first priority of completion. Further, I discovered myself as an obsessed reviewer of certain subjects that I fond of until I unconsciously repeated them several times just for the satisfaction of understanding and development of the knowledge that I could store in my subconscious mind. It is simply concluded as “eternal insanity of mine that I will freeze for myself as my ultimate strength of learning to the core”.

Next, how does the schedule work at the end? Successful is nearly massive victory, but I will reveal that I gain the exquisite pain as the students’ interest does not do utmost. Analysis is always becoming my highest pleasure upon myself. Mostly, my schedule has already been completely determined for both parties also some spare time for holiday and breathe the air. As I mentioned before, that I gain the pain. Literal meaning of pain is thinking the most acceptable duration for reaching the target, putting aside my own holiday that I have during weekend for the extra services, keeping my eyes standby for answering the questions, tuning my sensitivity to the student’s feeling and situation that they face at specific time, and else. Undeniably, I always meet the typical procrastinator students. In a very wide range of performing delay and inconsistency of clinging to the schedule, I will not summarize the group based on the gender. Validity of the conclusion may create controversy.

What is the most enchanted lesson learned that I gain from them? The girt! Confidently, I am uncontrollably steadfast with positivity until the last bell ring. The consistency of staying in the line even though the distractions are really tempting is something that I called the girt. Prone to be equal as perseverance. Others might protest that I have no tolerance on reaching the target accurately by the time set. But, I will reveal that if you want to have extra fresh air, then double the effort and maximize the attempt. If it is nearly obtaining the winning, then it doesn’t mean that we are successful. Complete the whole concept of hard work until the victory is legalized, then celebrate. So, the procrastinator of this type is really the wacky one, since he/she accumulates the hurt and the hope at once in the same place and time inside the darkness of incapability of changing the reality. Destructing mind, leaving the un-bandaged scar, and imprisoning the competences!



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