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Discussion is the richest activity that I can conclude among other activities further in my life. In a nutshell, I always enjoy the discussion even though I am just a listener.  What’s the most interesting topic to be discussed so far? Mostly, I don’t have any objections about the topic as long as it is useful and worth, except gossiping. Some gossips, usually I just hear without any power of dismissing or diverting to another useful one. Let’s summarize that it is my greatest weakness among girls. Can I be categorized as female gender? I am just versatile; both sexes can be adjusted easily in certain interval of time.

Majority, I converse with all the gender and age in all varieties of conversation topics. In the last 5 years, I dealt with college students intensively so that the most popular subject is academic things especially my prominent major which is structural engineering. Never believe my looks, since I haven’t got all the understanding in structural engineering that massive and fluent. What I try to construct until now is the ambience of discussion without being judged of silly question to be questioned. Specifically, all the questions are the most silly one; it depends on how confident the person to ask. During class, most of the students are not really into of asking a single question due to many reasons. That is why, my desk is always open for students to discuss and ask. Moreover, another business may rise to be the topic of discussion such as Korean drama, games, pouring heart, and other unpredictable topics.

Once, I have unforgettable experiences about the most critical student ever. Named him Krisna. He was one of my advisee, but ever since he was my student in the second semester, he was one of the most ravenous about knowledge during class or outside. I told you something that he was spending most of the discussion for his Bachelor thesis through Whatsapp chats. At first, I was a bit uncertain on how he understood my answers through chats. But, later I recognized that he was avid of books and software so that he always confirmed all my explanations by himself through books and practice it if it is related to software. Unbelievable that it was really effective and efficient on him without my existence then the knowledge can be absorbed maximum. What a fabulous experience that I store for once!

Regarding the most essential conversation, I discuss with a small number of student in my circle about their research interest. One day that I will keep it as the most pleased moment was when I talked about anti-symmetric geometry with Andrey and Aji regarding the paper that I assigned for them to be conceived. They argued that symmetric and anti-symmetric were just the same. Quiet some of time needed for explaining the concept of anti-symmetric, as I found the way of using the anti-symmetric loading for the simplest one to be utilized. Finally, it was solved. Andrey even searched in Google translator on how to pronounce “anti-symmetric” as he didn’t believe on how I pronounced it well. We laughed a lot just to make sure each other about the concept, moreover to convince them that “anti-symmetric” was really a vocabulary and it is really exist.

Further, I discovered another fun fact about anti-symmetric personality between them. Andrey was a typical consistent introvert; generally he always kept the track on his own with a high alarm of being investigated. He usually noticed if he would be trapped by my questions. Actually, I just did it for understanding his personality, besides we talk professionally in accordance of academic stuffs. He was brilliant in mastering something without being needed of personal assistance from a tutor or teacher. My concern until now is just disturbance that he has on controlling himself due to his mood. Not yet to be detected, since it was a big homework for me that I haven’t solved it good until now. What about Aji? He was also another brilliant with deeper thinking regarding problems confided to him. He mostly got wrenched due to his own analysis and ended up with frustration. Perfection is one of his prides until he cannot be easy on himself to reach his own satisfaction on completing something. Also, for knowledge he is avid of beating all at once. Frankly, he is being burnt by his own rating of gaining the best. At least it is still fun and defied to be conquered. Both of them are the brilliants that I treasure which are like moon and the sun in personality. Learning from their behavior is another happy moment to be applied on myself if it is possible. The probability of being excellent as them is a complete No, but I love certain way on how they deal with academic things.


Mazy can be the disability of chambering the brain properly. Symmetric must be accurately the same from both side, but as the portrait of different angle was taken then un-symmetric or anti-symmetric will rise outstandingly


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