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brilliant “silver lining”


Either dark cloud or white cloud will always have its own silver lining to indicate the shape. Inside of us might change abruptly or wonderfully due to problems, insults, achievements, acknowledgements and so on; but silver lining will always appear as long as the light approaches. It is obviously different from the black shadow; it is the true self of always needing the good side to be exposed in the very front even though the darkness inside is not easy to be warped up exquisitely. Be alive continuously while fitting the best ribbon to turn it chic.

The proverb of “Every cloud has a silver lining” has insight for my own so that I can have more time to observe and analyze before coming into conclusion. Regarding to an individual, I would like to gift the “silver lining” for this brilliant student that I know for less than a year, Muhammad Aji Fajari. It didn’t cross my mind at all for being able to have a very long chats ever since I chose him to be in the squad. How come that I didn’t detect his ability to talk much, even talkative during the virtual chats! Taciturn, avid of numbers and equations, indifferent, obedient, and punctual are some characters that I perceive regarding this student at first. Fortunately, those are still embedded intact with him as I am working on some projects with him. Henceforth, more character and personality revealed as the conversation go diversely varied along time.

Mechanics of structure 2 was the first class that I met him. Usually, I can sense the students who have more understandings by the first time I met them. The glitch of sense it wrong maybe fifty-percent, but even though I did it wrong another interesting facts may rise in the future that he/she is prominent in other field. This silver lining is not a typical student that I need to put more attention since he can master my course easily without any significant obstacles. My principle, as long as the students have no further questions either in class or personal chat then I will consider that the lecture can be digested nicely. Another parameter is their performance during their first post test that I mostly conduct after lecturing. No doubt of his comprehension for chewing my lecture, but one day at class he came to me for asking on how to build the moment diagram that he forgot a bit. Short explanation, then he could get back the memory on how to do it. I was a bit unsure whether he did want to refresh and find the answer or just tested me on how I understand the subject. Just my suspicious mind and I did not make it more complicated to be solved. I met many smarts in my life, so he was one of that categories that I will be proud of knowing him. As simple as that!

The following semester, he met me in three different subjects. Mostly, that typical semester is the beginning of hard days for students for facing me before they start to hate me to the paramount in the next semester. English class is fun for me, but not for the students. I always try to be consistent as far as I can for only using English for the whole class. Interestingly, he impressed me starting from the first homework that he created on fabulous and flawless grammar in the format of complex sentences. Often, a person who is nerd of numbers and equations will not have good sense upon language. But, for him English is just a piece of cake that he can master it wholly. After, I also find out his vocabulary is giant and massive. His extravagant excellence leads me to another bold dazzling idea for involving him into my evil circle. The tyrant is me definitely, but I enjoy it pretty good on making my squad realize how should live be treated. No more games to be prioritized, the hard days is the game itself to be conquered. Deadline is chasing with no mercy until the wonderful bedtime should be re-scheduled. How does it work on him? I guess he is still in the middle of adapting, he even stated it will be habit after 21 times (or 20 something, I forgot) of repetition.

Move to his learning method, I thought he was an audiovisual person. YouTube was one of his main resources for absorbing the knowledge. One day, I had ever asked something regarding his way of learning either watching the lecture was more than enough to construct the knowledge and remember all the detail things. He just easily said “yes”. It is more than fantastic to understand serial of basic of calculations and concepts in Civil Engineering just by watching. I do envy him a lot, since I cannot just watch and do nothing like making notes, scratches, or else to be stored in my long-term memory. Mentioning the word lazy was another statement that he always attached for himself. The conclusion is not that valid since he watched like a nerd on books, so that must be the most effective path on him store the knowledge. Interestingly, he often came up with an idea that he laughed down at the same time. Silly combines with pessimistic were something that I labeled on him sometimes. Takes time to convince that having idea is priceless. The drawbacks and weaknesses are always lies together with the strengths and pluses. At first, I would not say that it was easy to discuss and conduct research with him but it is a big worth to work on with a person who hesitate many things even his own idea. I will say that hesitating is also part of conducting research.

What else should I comment? I always am good in this part. Regarding his way of revealing ideas in the format of simple discussion or performing presentation are something that he needs to improve. Kind of the opposite once I remark his skill on typing during chats and having direct discussion is like the moon and the sun. Completely confusing at first, but it is getting a bit better now. Pouring the ideas on the chats and papers seem to be easier for him rather than talking directly. I think it is just about the habit, the quiet converses with himself/herself mostly so that he/she never finds any blank spot that might create confusion or misunderstanding. As I analyze his handwriting, I am totally astonished on how much he understood upon something or maybe on how much he wanted to reveal about everything that is why I notice some systematic is a bit problem even though he tried really hard to make it tidy and understandable. So, no need to be surprised if you saw so many cross lines and inserted idea everywhere. For me, just find your own style on how the ideas being brainstormed. It is also someone’s masterpiece which cannot be infringed easily. Perfection will always be imperfection as we repeat and remake.


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