Dream is a real fuel for breaking the myth of the impossible into possible. The youngster with a big dream and modest altitude is a manifest of successful personal in the future, and she brings the future today. I am more than proud to know you. The best mobile dictionary of life that I can consume as my nutrition of being positive in every way.

How should I start to describe this fantastic girl, the famous sky-walker ID. It is such a fortune to know her and have a good friendship until now, hopefully until we meet again in Heaven insya Alloh. At first, she was my student for several subjects taken during her undergraduate study in the Department of Civil Engineering, State University of Jakarta. Was she smart? I would confidently say, she was and she is until now. Acknowledging her other talent such as sketching and writing, you must be amazed as well as me for distinguishing her personally. I just have not noticed her other talent from now on, yet she has many for sure. She has a skill for making friends and involving in a weird situation sometimes, what a genius skill that I even envy her ultimately. No, I do feel honored to be engaged to her marvelous life.

Taiwan was the first country that we went together for a conference. I guessed it was started around the final year of 2013 that I decided to take her along. What a crazy decision that I made that time, but I never regretted until now. Many considerations for choosing her as my first student to participate in an international conference, which most of the participants are the professionals and graduate students. Let’s say that I watched and observed her skills and competences regarding her academic and social interaction at campus, but I would confess that she embraced me with her charm. Wasn’t it subjective? Not at all, I had done the list of her qualifications upon her English, her curiosity for conducting research, her skill for doing analysis, her steadfast attitude for accomplishing a command, her seriousness for keeping in the track for the schedule made, her ability for arranging the timeline wisely, her capability for managing the stress, and else. Those are still becoming my criteria for selecting the student(s) to be the team of the international conference. Simply, she met all the criteria that I set and I offered her for the plan. It was just a simple conversation, yet she was very excited to accept it with tons of energy to execute it nicely. Her energy of always being optimistic is awesome. She can easily spread it to her surroundings, even for strangers. No hesitation of taking chances and full of positivity.

Idea for blowing up the indigenous character of vernacular house of eastern part of Indonesia was presented in Taiwan on May 2014. Don’t ask me about her performance, she was cool. You cannot compare her to my bad-ass presentation. The confidence of her while delivering the presentation was totally the result of her practices in many events that she ever joined in the past. The undergraduate student with many experiences during her early youth is really precious for today. As I believe in practices make perfect, she has proven my principal. A professor noticed her as the undergraduate student, yet he was proud including my Professor. This situation also happened when we were joining the conference in Osaka in the next year. That time I took one more student, Ines the sunshine girl whom I plan to write about her as well next. Again, the professor might think that I was crazy for tagging undergraduate students for conducting research presentation abroad. But, I am already crazy ever since I was born. All the situations might be the trigger for me being notorious for involving the brilliant to be in the tight squeezing situation as I experience. Successfully, she can endure my insanity. Bravo, girl!

Osaka was another wonderful experience which I set my feet for the first time in Japan. Summer breeze was really scented as I watched the maple leaves fell down on the park on August 2015. She was performing another fabulous presentation in this city. I was a bit relaxed for this since I had already owned this kind of experience in Taiwan. Different research was proposed related to energy quantification which is taken the oldest slum area in Kwitang as the example. By making a solid collaboration with Ines, she was a good tutor for her junior that I can count on her fervently. Some surveys must be done for getting valid data before performing the analysis. Fascinatingly, she digested and learnt so many new things on her own for some time whilst I provided only supporting papers to sharpen her paper. So many good things she can act flawlessly, so that I am being helped and blessed until now. A true learner is inside her, combine with the curiosity and vigorous determination makes it an exquisite individual.

Pursuing her higher degree is also another best part of her life that I want to immortalize here. The persistence for always focusing on the dream and never-losing-hope behavior is her superiority that I should acknowledge until the end. I was -in majority during the process of getting her scholarship in Beijing Jiao Tong University- being the witness of her hard days of passing many challenges to be passed for about one year after her graduation. The LOA from Taiwan and Australia was the warranty of her quality for being eligible as the graduate student abroad with the Civil Engineering as her major to be dived. All the scholarship processes had been undergone with tears and smiles, but as I mentioned before that she had a heart of steel for always taking a good side of each failure as the path of being closer to victory. She is in Beijing now to draw and put more colors on her life, which will be one of the most graceful one before she steps on another dreams to be true.


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  1. 1

    skywalker said,

    Senseeii.. T_T i cant imagine tht u made this article for me .. huaaaww.. Im feeling so grateful to be appreciated by you. this means a lot. U are the one that inspired me. Without you,, I cant pursue my dream, alhamdulillah u really encourage me to do so 😀

    • 2

      silir2angin said,

      Finally, I can finish this. I do really need a good time and feeling for writing about you who are such an adorable student and friend for me. Be courageous as always, girl!

      • 3

        skywalker said,

        How you write it. It seems that it flows, im feeling so speechless. all the motivations tht u give to me. The best booster of life. Weather to remember that sharing is the most important thing beside learning. 🙂 I really have to pin your words.. Insya Allah I will always do my best

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