sweet depression, crispy frustration..

Should I have some time for tea and biscuits during unofficial holiday at school..? Do I really need that..? Yet, time is too precious to be just wasted without any productive outputs in a day. But, don’t consider that my prolific activities are really remarkable. For business, I can’t be considered as voluminous. My hobby of writing even doesn’t create any cash. This blog is harshly disregarded for several years for a simple reason of “having no time” even though the ideas pop up uncontrollably in a day. I will declare a perfect excuse for this as I don’t really care about the coins (but I care more about the jewelry :D), since I look up something meaningful during my writing, at least for myself.


Experiencing a situation with the highest tense and eerie is completely occurred for every human being. For some, they focus on eliminating and evading the causes through exhausting efforts and energy. Are they silly and superficial..? Not constantly they are. Bombing the source of problem could be the best way of absolute removal. No traces are left behind. Others may consider another option which is subtle but uphill. They can be grouped as philosopher, deep thinker, or logical-minded person. Cave must be their suitable places of living and contemplating. In contrary, they are just a “simple” but “genuine” in personality.

Let’s probe about the characteristics. Deliberating that every problem will absolutely gather with the solution, so invest that knowledge in your subconscious mind for the quick call while you need it. I would like to bold the fairy words of Master Oogway “inner peace”. Emotionally, we need to have a strict control of ourselves, either mind or soul. If you are able to go depth and detail, then you can specify more about yourself. There are also some other dimensions taking control. Does it seem to be mystical discussion..? I convince that it’s not, just apply it on yourself to know the inside-out of yourself. It’s totally awesome until we’re amazed on how Alloh SWT can shape us into the best creature with its crazy complexity.

Lock the “emotion” part as our key for simplification. Positive emotion should be underlined so that we can cooperate with our “logical mind” to think systematically. There are some rituals that we can pick as our favorite to balance our mental emotion, such as praying, dzikir, reciting Qur’an, etc. Systematic can be troublesome if we don’t have much experience in facing diverse problems, so it’s better using “simple”. Think simple, moreover if you don’t have much energy. Bombing the problems is probably taken aside even though it comes first. Be careful about that “simple thoughts”, it might come first in our mind, but it might also be the most impossible to do. So, re-think. Don’t be lazy for digging another “unpredictable” option of solutions. Keep it and record it good, since we’ll never know when is the precise occasion to implement it.

My habit of words is kind of bizarre. I would like to introduce something that I sometimes do regarding wrench situation. Finding the antonym and merge it. It works successfully, sometimes I laugh also. Please refer to the title of this article “sweet depression, crispy frustration”. If you don’t get it, I will give some explanations by using my favorite snack. 🙂

Ice cream is a perfect phrase for the contradictory words inside. Ice associates with heartless, inhumane, less sensitive, or else that you can describe. Whilst, Cream translates as delicate, tender, sugary, and so on. But, once it mingles into “ice cream”, the word cream is much predominant either physical or meaning than ice. Believe me that each word has the antonym, but how many of us are able to juxtapose and establish a new phrase where the “meaningful taste” rises into new perspective.

Ice cream is my sweet depression, while cake was my crispy frustration. Better decide mineral water as my fresh saturation, at the same time hot chocolate for my charming anger. 🙂


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