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sweet depression, crispy frustration..

Should I have some time for tea and biscuits during unofficial holiday at school..? Do I really need that..? Yet, time is too precious to be just wasted without any productive outputs in a day. But, don’t consider that my prolific activities are really remarkable. For business, I can’t be considered as voluminous. My hobby of writing even doesn’t create any cash. This blog is harshly disregarded for several years for a simple reason of “having no time” even though the ideas pop up uncontrollably in a day. I will declare a perfect excuse for this as I don’t really care about the coins (but I care more about the jewelry :D), since I look up something meaningful during my writing, at least for myself.


Experiencing a situation with the highest tense and eerie is completely occurred for every human being. For some, they focus on eliminating and evading the causes through exhausting efforts and energy. Are they silly and superficial..? Not constantly they are. Bombing the source of problem could be the best way of absolute removal. No traces are left behind. Others may consider another option which is subtle but uphill. They can be grouped as philosopher, deep thinker, or logical-minded person. Cave must be their suitable places of living and contemplating. In contrary, they are just a “simple” but “genuine” in personality.

Let’s probe about the characteristics. Deliberating that every problem will absolutely gather with the solution, so invest that knowledge in your subconscious mind for the quick call while you need it. I would like to bold the fairy words of Master Oogway “inner peace”. Emotionally, we need to have a strict control of ourselves, either mind or soul. If you are able to go depth and detail, then you can specify more about yourself. There are also some other dimensions taking control. Does it seem to be mystical discussion..? I convince that it’s not, just apply it on yourself to know the inside-out of yourself. It’s totally awesome until we’re amazed on how Alloh SWT can shape us into the best creature with its crazy complexity.

Lock the “emotion” part as our key for simplification. Positive emotion should be underlined so that we can cooperate with our “logical mind” to think systematically. There are some rituals that we can pick as our favorite to balance our mental emotion, such as praying, dzikir, reciting Qur’an, etc. Systematic can be troublesome if we don’t have much experience in facing diverse problems, so it’s better using “simple”. Think simple, moreover if you don’t have much energy. Bombing the problems is probably taken aside even though it comes first. Be careful about that “simple thoughts”, it might come first in our mind, but it might also be the most impossible to do. So, re-think. Don’t be lazy for digging another “unpredictable” option of solutions. Keep it and record it good, since we’ll never know when is the precise occasion to implement it.

My habit of words is kind of bizarre. I would like to introduce something that I sometimes do regarding wrench situation. Finding the antonym and merge it. It works successfully, sometimes I laugh also. Please refer to the title of this article “sweet depression, crispy frustration”. If you don’t get it, I will give some explanations by using my favorite snack. 🙂

Ice cream is a perfect phrase for the contradictory words inside. Ice associates with heartless, inhumane, less sensitive, or else that you can describe. Whilst, Cream translates as delicate, tender, sugary, and so on. But, once it mingles into “ice cream”, the word cream is much predominant either physical or meaning than ice. Believe me that each word has the antonym, but how many of us are able to juxtapose and establish a new phrase where the “meaningful taste” rises into new perspective.

Ice cream is my sweet depression, while cake was my crispy frustration. Better decide mineral water as my fresh saturation, at the same time hot chocolate for my charming anger. 🙂


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6/8 and friends..

Special occasion that I’m thankful to the maximum. Here are some recaps that might be useful for me, my students, or readers. Thank you for your hardworking attitude, never-ending curiosity, the furthest exploration, even for all the laughter and cries. Moreover for the other supervisors Mrs. Sittati Musalamah, Mr. R. Eka Murtinugraha, Mr. Tri Mulyono, and Mr. Prihantono for their best dedication. Let me guide you to know them.

structural team_3

left pic (front : left-right): Ines, Nabilla ; (back : left-right): Nurul Hanifah (Hani), Indra

top-right pic (left-right) : Krisna, Ines, me, Nabilla, Ibnu

bottom-right pic (left-right) : Krisna, Indra, Ines, Ibnu

structural team_1

Structural team picture advised by Sittati Musalamah (Ginanjar, Indra, Hani)

top pic (front : left-right): Krisna, Ibnu ; (back : left – right): Ines, Nabilla, me, Sittati, Hani, Indra

bottom-left pic (left-right): Ginanjar, me, Sittati

bottom-right pic (left-right): Hani, Sittati, Indra

structural team_2

Structural team picture advised by me (Ines, Nabilla, Rolan, Feni, Krisna, Ibnu)

top pic (left-right): Indra, Nabilla, Feni, Rolan, Hani, me, Ines, Ibnu, Krisna)

bottom-left pic (left-right): Krisna, me, Ibnu

bottom-right pic (left-right): Nabilla, me, Ines


Trust me that I’m the “dracula” of your youth spirit. Absorbing the maximum energy of yours and extracting the essence of your knowledge. I love to see your wrinkle while getting frustrated, definitely. 🙂

Theme of their thesis will be explained, so that you need to concentrate (while having tea or coffee) in order to understand what are they doing for their Bachelor Thesis and Diploma Thesis. I will try my best to make it concise and understandable.

Feni Anggraeni

Advisor : Ririt AS

Diploma thesis title : Structural calculation of 2-storey residential building using steel and composite system

Description :

She was proposing a 2-story house to be calculated its structural element by using steel and composite design. Steel element was for the columns, while beam was utilized by composite system (concrete-steel). Slab system applied was concrete reinforced with the steel rebar. The codes used for design mostly was Indonesia National Standard (SNI for concrete, loading, and steel structure). Computation process exploited for 2D frame analysis was using conventional calculation (Cross Method) and software calculation (SAP 2000).

Ginanjar Khaq

Advisors : Sittati M, R. Eka Murtinugraha

Bachelor thesis title : Study of Building Structural Behavior due to Column Dimension Variation under Earthquake (Case Study: Satrio Tower, Jakarta)

Description :

He did the analysis for multistory building which was symmetric in the layout (octagonal building). Seismic analysis took advantage of response spectrum analysis by using commercial software ETABS in order to see the structural response behavior. The variation of the column dimension was applied for several stories. Finally, the most economical dimension can be concluded for this high-rise building in order to reduce the mass of structure without neglecting the structural performance under lateral forces e.g. earthquake.

Ibnu Khoidir Arosid

Advisors : Ririt AS, R. Eka Murtinugraha

Bachelor thesis title : Comparative Study on Structural Design of Flat Slab – Drop Panel System and Slab – Beam System for Sequis Tower Basement

Description :

Sequis Tower was built as high-rise building, but the floor system of the basement was different from the upper structure. Flat slab system was one of unique system which can resist the lateral force about 10%, besides the light mass of the structure in general. So, he did the analysis of the basement only (6 floors) with the irregularity of the basement layout due to its resistance regarding the earthquake compared to conventional (slab-beam) system using ETABS v.9.7.1. The preliminary design was required for slab and beam in order to see the significant comparison between flat slab – drop panel system and slab – beam system. In conclusion, flat – slab system was proven to have better resistance due to earthquake, yet decrease the volume of the structure.

Indra Maulana

Advisors : Sittati M, R. Eka Murtinugraha

Bachelor thesis title : Earthquake Structure Response of Multistory Building due to Shear Wall Location Variation

Description :

The case study of his bachelor thesis was the same as Ginanjar. But, he applied different analysis to this building due to the position of core wall under the lateral force (specifically due to earthquake by engaging response spectrum analysis). He would like to see another opportunity of stability of the structure while the core wall was spread into shear wall in five variations of location by doing simulation using ETABS. It was randomly placed by considering symmetric and asymmetric shear wall position. Generally, the symmetric spreading of shear wall to the building will perform immediate occupancy level for the structural elements, while asymmetric spreading will result the damage level.

Ines Wahyuniati Riza

Advisors : Ririt AS, R. Eka Murtinugraha

Bachelor thesis title : Analysis of Rectangular Building Behavior by Applying Re-entrant Corner Variation

Description :

The comparison between length (L) and width (W) of the building should be limited 4 in order to comply the stability requirement. But, she was taking the case study of the building of L/W more than 7 which was clearly predicted to be unstable due to lateral force in the weak axis. The analysis employed response spectrum analysis using commercial software ETABS in order to analyze the behavior of the structure. Application of some re-entrant corners was subjected to the building for about 10 variations resulted in irregularity to the building itself. The symmetric application re-entrant corner caused the behavior nearly the same as the existing building, while asymmetric damaged the structure significantly especially in the weak axis of the building.

Krisna Setiawan

Advisors : Ririt AS, Prihantono

Bachelor thesis title : Study of Irregular Building Behavior Equipped with Shear Wall System using Pushover Analysis

Description :

Pushover analysis is suitable to be performed in low to middle rise building only, in general. The first mode analysis was simple and easy to be analyzed, but by performing pushover analysis we would have plastic hinge condition for each structural element for the whole structure so that it would be easier to be detected for retrofitting. LPSK building was chosen by him to be analyzed due to its special characteristic of the layout even though it was low-rise building. Doing several experiments for applying pushover loading in several nodes on the building was truly challenging in order to get the most critical area. The effect of shear wall was another different job to analyze the capacity curve and set the displacement control until the building shows certain target performance level. The placement of pushover loading was surprisingly not critical in the top of the building (helipad), but in the roof floor.

Nabilla Narasita

Advisors : Tri Mulyono, Ririt AS

Bachelor thesis title : Bearing Capacity Analysis of Pile Group using Static Method at Educational Support Facility Building State University of Jakarta

Description :

Her research was focused on the static method to analyze the bearing capacity due to several approaches in static method. At least four approaches (Tomlinson, Meyerhof, Aoki de Alencar, and Betha) were involved in order to compare the axial bearing capacity, and two approaches (Broms and Lpile software result) for lateral capacity. The utilization of soil test data was a must in static method. Cone Penetration Test and Standard Penetration Test result were the main guidance to do computation process. Result show that several methods were deviated in the number of group pile and axial capacity, where Betha approach was the greater one. Once, the lateral capacity was big difference by using Broms approach.

Nurul Hanifah

Advisors : Tri Mulyono, Sittati M

Bachelor thesis title : Review on the Structural Design of Pile Foundation for Dewi Sartika Building at UNJ (State University of Jakarta) Based on Soil Parameter and Static Loading Test

Description :

Static loading test (SLT) was assured to be the most actual result to know the bearing capacity of the foundation. She was trying to compare the calculation result of foundation bearing capacity based on soil parameter (static method) to  SLT result. Cohesion was the main concern in this research where the result may significantly close to the real condition of foundation bearing capacity. Meyerhof N-SPT approaches as part of static method performed the closest value SLT result.

Rolan Mediana Silaban

Advisor : Ririt AS

Diploma thesis title : Structural calculation of 2-storey residential building using steel and composite system

Description :

She was proposing a 2-story house to be calculated its structural element by using steel and composite design. Steel element was for the columns, while beam was utilized composite system (concrete-steel). Slab system applied was concrete reinforced with the steel rebar. The codes used for design mostly was Indonesia National Standard (SNI for concrete, loading, and steel structure). Computation process exploited for 2D frame analysis by using conventional calculation (Cross Method) and software calculation (SAP 2000). Almost the same process like Feni did, but she proposed different layout of the house.

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why silir angin..?

Suddenly “sky walker” asked me just few nights before for me using “silir angin” as my ID. She even insisted that there must be strong principal and philosophy inside. Gosh, i just love it like the way i love you. (tssaaaahhh..)

I wouldn’t dodge that i had some kind of not-able-to-be-told-reason for choosing “silir angin” as the representation of my -other-self. Thinking of having one or two simple words to define me-which was truly different than me at that time as i found myself avid of words as well as equations-was simply interfering. I thought i was really bad in representing the “taste” of words, that is why i recall a word which was mild but robust for certain situation that could be my medicine, healer, or sedative. Something that could effect my bad personality in the future into better one. Is it really important to be revealed? Kind of exaggerating. (hufftttttt..)

Let’s focus on this. Actually, I’m fond of Javanese words which are full of many meaningful philosophy. “Silir” was something related to mild caress. “Angin” was simply translated as wind in English. Truly, when we combine both, those are the perfect “invisible serenity”. No hands for wiping the heartbreaking tears and no hug for grasping the weariness heart. I only have prayer and conviction that all the pain shall pass from you (and from me too). With the greatest hope that while I’m trying to heal others, then I’ll be healed too.

Too simple, without something distinctive.



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