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don’t judge yourself as God..!

It’s nearly 5 years of my dedication to be a “lecture-called”. Totally different with the era when I was a college student for the past 10 years. Well-behaved and well-ordered performance before the show in facing the lecturers were part of daily routine. It’s God damn important to be as perfect as you can to eliminate the unpredictable cases in the future. But, I tell you for sure there’s a lesson-learned. I felt like being under surveillance so that I need to be really careful in many ways. Not only in studying, but also in other human kind relationship (with friends and faculty members).

Lately, I’ve been messaged by my student who was asking for my consideration to repair his final score in my course. A typical senior who was acted as he deserved for a sympathy. Something that I really hate most is begging like a beggar while his/her body was healthy. Where was the brain? Mentally sick completed with silly shortcut. So, is this the generation? One of my favorite principle is “There’s no more space for you to go except GOING UP when you were down”. Begging must be gifted to your God only.

After finish with the message, he told me something which was more ridiculous such: “It’s beneficiary for helping me fix my score. Moreover you’ll be granted for God’s reward”. Is he a best friend of God? Did he know precisely God’s calculation of reward? God is never judging instantly.

I’ll go back to my past story when I was taking Mechanics of Structure 5 course. At that semester, I was also doing my Bachelor Thesis which topic was related to that course and fortunately my supervisor was the one who was lecturing that course. Shortly, I failed in that course but with pride. My lecturer (and my supervisor as well) said that I was able to pass with C score, but he decided to give me D either. Some words came out from him to encourage me that it’s the best way to do to rise up my spirit of mastering this course. I didn’t disagree at all and it’s good to take another semester for battling with that course. Anyway, the result was, I couldn’t finish my bachelor thesis in one year though 😀

No regret at all while we strive for the best. For the slow, just enjoy the time and phase. For the fast, plan it good and keep the dream high.


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