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ice man…

Maybe it’s because of daily routine of sitting by the way to wait for the bus that makes me aware of many kinds of struggling people in earning money. Me, of course includes in one of a kind. The only thing that concerns me a lot is the peddler who sells chicken porridge. It’s been a long time that I wish to buy it as a breakfast, but it crystallizes until now. I can not lie myself that my mouth starts to water whenever the peddlers pass me through. Stop talking about the chicken porridge, my stomach has started a choir. 😆

It’s been a habit that I sit in front a closed store while waiting for the bus. In contrary, a great show is presented. Beside the peddler of chicken porridge, there are the peddler of siomay, batagor, kue rangi, pecel, and so on. One of them is a woman. A portrait of survival from a cruel situation made by a “rotten rats” who pledges to work on behalf of  people. Another show also nicely perform by an ice man. Actually, I don’t know how to describe his job. Every morning around 6 AM, he will appears with his conveyance to bring some blocks of ice.

Initially, I do not consider his job as important as a manager. But, many food stalls and small stores rely on his distinction. He  drops all the ice to customers without any great expectations of salary. Those customers might not be able to provide a refrigerator or even a freezer to keep all the drinking-to-be-sold cold. They only have icebox to store all the drinking.I don’t think that it’s a mutual relationship which generates millions of money, but the sincerity is truly shown here.


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