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lost by questions

The smart will ask until the details, while the fool will keep questioning why it is so hard to ask.

Once, I heard a youngster ask their mother/father why the sugar is sweet and the salt is salty. The adults maybe shocked for this (unreasonable) silly question. We will not consider it is a silly question if we are taking so much errrrr… or ehhmm… before answering. If the adults categorized as a “fool”, they might say that it has been destined to. Some other time my friend told me a story about her niece about the sunny-side up for breakfast. This little girl asked why the eyes of the sunny-side up are just one. Who is to be blame?

In another times, I amazed with a group of a college student about the meticulous subject. One of them appears to the best on that subject. The rest are craved for simplest explanation in understanding the subject. The discussion starts with the frown of the masters in finding the simplest words to be illuminated and ends with the double frowns on the followers. The master can easily explain from A to Z, but the followers are lost in space about their questions. No wonder that some say that the best always cursed him/herself of not being able to do more after a hard battle, while the average always satisfy with the sufficient boundary with an ordinary preparations.

In a rare time while I was flying to Taipei after a transit in Hongkong, I met a Japanese guy and had a long conversation along the way. In the part of talking about the family, he told me about his two sisters who had got married and had children as well. He was the eldest in the family and felt no burden in telling me that he had not married yet. Then, I spontaneously ask him why he had not got married yet. After this question, it had been so hard for him to answer the question or at least find some reasons to avoid it. I also strengthened using a little Japanese Doushite… It took a few minutes for him to find an answer, and finally he did not answer it and kept on showing a panic face of not being able answer it in any single word. I ended up his misery with “Forget about that”. I never knew that for some persons, a very ordinary question can be so hard to answer. It might not be his priority to get married in the age “still” 30 or maybe a marriage would not be in his life dictionary. Only God knows.


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