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(fake) mother…

Mother is physically a woman who blessed with high sensitivity and tenderness. But lately I have found a different alliteration phenomenon to describe a mother. Physically she will not always be a woman and the woman herself will not always be categorized as a mother. Maybe you will always believe that your mother is your birth mother that will always be the real mother until unlimited time. But, as I said before, the impression of mother itself has deviated into somebody else or even something else.

Globalization, social interaction, or physical need of a figure about parenting may donate this kind of deviation. Some will declare that my father is also my mother because of a sudden death or an unnecessary divorce in a nuclear family. I believe we will not be surprised of this pronouncement. Yet, some other family member such as step mother, grandfather (grandmother), sisters (brothers), or someone else who still has kinship with him/her are able to be a (fake) mother.

Kinship is not always working to be one’s figure of a mother. Some will explore much more to find the most eligible character to be a (fake) mother. Some needs a character which will potentially satisfy their needs of certain acknowledgment and affection with no strings attached. He/she will just accept the happiness of some affections transfer from those characters temporarily. A teacher, foster parents, close-friend (boyfriend and girlfriend might be counted), or superior (inferior) will be some of the characters.

But some prominent figures might be shocking for some of us to be associated with a mother. Less people take a homeless drifter, a gangster, or even a brothel keeper as a (fake) mother. Of course with a huge distortion of the meaning and motivation, those figures can be reflected almost the same as mother. Ironic. For the sake of the basic needs of being protected, avowal, or even economical satisfaction is much powerful to define a prominent and lovable figure.

Conversely, in a dazing search of mother-figure, some experience a most startling emotion with a woman-shaped-mother. A mother turns into an evil, viper, and even a death angel. What a life! So, whatever the definition, shape, physical performance of a mother is on you. The mother-character mostly needed in a real performance so that you can feel the warmth of affection and serenity. But, the essence of a mother must be represented in God for sure. When, we still have the mother-character tangibly, please show your best appreciation of having her. But, when you lose it, convince yourself that the essence is still spreading in your life through the mercy of God.

If you are a woman, be happy of being it. Then if you are a mother-will-be, a journey of blessing time is on you. But if you are a (fake) mother, a salute is compatible for you.


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