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prime number…

Should I remember you about what prime number is? If you don’t know what prime number is, please search in Wikipedia or the-most-powerful-search-engine-ever “Google”. The limit of the prime number must be indefinite. Here I have an anxiety of some of the smallest number of prime number.

ONE represents God. Invincible and Unassailable. He doesn’t need number two or three. Friends or surroundings are not necessary. The ONE doesn’t need the creatures, but the creatures need the ONE. It is the center of the attractiveness of the ONE. Let’s conclude ONE as an absolute representation of prime number.

TWO describes the soulmate. I think you and your soulmate are another powerful description of prime number of TWO. The definition of this can be inseparable or indivisible. But, who can avoid the power of losing. The separation still has an outcome of another prime number which is one. See, the power of ONE is extremely absolute.

THREE illustrates the friendship. Don’t you think that your friend can be your soulmate? Of course, you can ascertain as it. But, do you really only have one friend in your life? Then, had you seen the people who got married for two or three? The cast may consider each person in his/her life as his/her soulmate, but I bet he/she has no strong senses of being robbed. Frankly speaking, your heart has been shoplifted for a lifetime.  That’s why it is really difficult for some people to define the friendship with no heart. If it is as easy as turning a friend into a lover or vice versa, I believe that you may be considered as a player.

No great suspicion that can make you frown your eyebrow right? I just have a fancy of saying ONE, TWO, THREE instead of counting from 100 to indefinite 😀


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