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you need a…

You need a PARTNER

Partner has no commitment on relationship, simply said as function of mood. You can easily dump him/her as your individualistic master you in time. No strain.

You need a COUPLE

Couple have no strong judgment on gender. Homo or hetero.

You need a SPOUSE

Spouse defines him/herself as a loyal clan of a tie. A vow and declaration must be manifested in terms of reference.

You need a SOULMATE

Soulmate believes in love before he/she was born. He/she sometimes not realistic, but cushy to believe in destiny. No rush.

I mention about You. Then what about ME. I doubtless need all. A great combination. So the satisfaction will be the function of time, mood, belief and peaceful. 😆


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Paradox #1

In a great limitations of words, I insist to make a blog. Infallible failure!! *laugh to myself*

Paradox #2

Blackberry. What a fantastic phenomenon right now. But I think, it’s just one of devices which distracts consumptive people like Indonesian citizens. The label of poverty has been attached to Indonesia, but the consumption of new products is baffling. *keep my first wrinkle on my forehead*

Paradox #3

Forgiveness in words. Sorry means fine. What an obnoxious deed of girls! After a deep-and-exasperating behavior of Adam clan, the Eve clan easily falls again in the same story of love. *please don’t do the remix of the same love song*

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