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prone to illness

What are the worst disease that you are suffer of lately?? Migraine, insomnia, indigestion, or others related to your stress management. Some of them might be part of mine, but I am interested in other kind of diseases which are prone to illnesses.

I may say that something precious is supposed to be mine, no one can touch it or even see it. How precious is it? Of course it must be my preference. No rights for others to contribute to my requirement. I will call it POSSESSIVE

Next is SILENT. I love this to death. Neither explanation nor clarification can heal me from this illness. As I said, I love this to death, so this is invincible for you to break.

I must be thankful to Alloh SWT for my NO-EXPRESSION-FACE attached in my body. It protects me from the “enemy” who has many faces for different situation. Exceedingly, I’m not an actress who can swiftly change my heart’s situation in a second. So, to be HEARTLESS sounds tantalizing.

Hopefully this paragraph will be the last. Being SEPARATED from this crunchy world is unbelievable to be forsaken. But for me, it is definitely easy. I just need to tune the environment into my frequency, then click it’s on me in a second. That’s why I’m not afraid to be IGNORED by them, as long as it is not Alloh SWT.


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