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in between

*** big and small ***

Ant will always be as small as we predict until it stings our hands so acute and sore. Beside, elephant will always be as big as we categorize until it brings us on its back. The SMALL cause the BIG so pathetic and painful, in contrary the BIG can be treated as the cute and lovely SMALL.

*** tears and smile ***

Never had an intention to cry, but the tears suddenly burst without any commands and scenario. Next, we laugh out loud, still a-clear-soft-warm water falls from the eyes. What’s so good about this kind of clear water? No need special occasion to make it flow like a river from your beautiful eyes.

*** burden and loosen ***

I am busy for breathing. Have you ever stated that? Almost never. It must be a burden for your nose, lung, heart, and some other organs inside your body to fulfill this immediately-important job.

I feel loose when I die. Do you think that we do not need some efforts to die? Almost impossible. Trust me, it is incredibly a hard working that we need to consider.

*** wealthy and poor ***

Calculate your daily needs. I bet there will be much money left for saving, moreover for helping the others daily needs. Life is about how to survive comfortably not revive victory.

I recap that we will constantly spend the whole life in RELATIVITY

Since Allah does not make limitation of your heart and mind, so just MAKE USE FREELY

The boundary is on you, simply defined as THANKFUL


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