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what’s left from BRC…?

“Hi…” followed by the smile from Edge and Chen. Their hands were holding two typically City Cafe cups. What a good preparation before starting the presentation I guessed

“This is for you” as they put a cup of coffee (my first thought) in my desk

“What… you don’t need to. I don’t drink coffee. Just take it for you” I rejected their good intention

What they did next was putting the two cups and ask me to choose which one that I liked most “You choose one..”

I’m wondering why were they forcing me to take that. So, in order to be respectful to them I just take one cup and said thank you to them.

What a wonderful experience for me to work together with some Taiwanese friends. I will say that they are very smart. You can not compare me with them. So many differences for sure. Ahaaaa….I forget to tell you that I’m the only girl in this class (and in some other classes that I’ve taken for about this 3 semester). Do I need to tell you what is BRC? Then, for avoiding the wondering, BRC is Behavior of Reinforced Concrete. Is it interesting for you? I bet you will say NO. 😉

For short, we are compulsory to do the project in team. I am the only international student in my team member. The rest four persons are Taiwanese. It’s been come into my mind from the very first time that communication and discussion would be the hardest part of doing this project. Yes, definitely, and for sure it happened. I had no doubt on their knowledge about this course. May be I was the only one who had no sense about this course in my team (and may be in the class). They were talking here and there about the project using Chinese. As my understanding about Chinese was (still) not so good, so I can just catch a very little (almost nothing I guess haghaghag…). But they tried hard to explain back to me in English or other probable way to make me understand what they have talked about. Delivering my ideas was also a big problem. I practiced a little bit Chinese to make them understand and of course I provided myself with the website to help me translate into Chinese.

Do you think that I were desperate during the time we finished the project? I will confess that I was truly having a great time with them. I can’t count how many times I laugh on the way we finish the project. Maybe they were desperate in order to make me understand and also pronounce the English word. In the middle of desperation, what else can make us stay up to do the project. LAUGH… 😆  –Of course that was I’m best of–

Another funny thing was when we practice to do the presentation. After finding empty classroom and move out in the middle of practicing since the classroom will be used, at least we have a willingness to prepare it as good as we can. Do you know how much we did the practice? Three times. What a wonderful numbers right. But I was truly impressed with their efforts to present it using good English. They always asked me how to pronounce it well. Until they said that I’m a good English teacher. Hey…you remind me of teaching English for my elementary school student in Indonesia. Then the next session was their time to teach me Chinese. What a mutual act.

I will highlight this funny incident. In the middle of practicing, Huang was asking on how to say my name since he would be the first presenter and so introduce our team member. Unfortunately my name is typically difficult name to said in their accustomed-Chinese-tongue. I just said that he only need to say my first name. But he insisted to say my full name. So, here we went to a funny show. It is ended with four of them practicing on how to say my name correctly for some minutes. I felt like screaming “Hey…stop repeating my name over and over again”. But still, I just ended up with laughing (again) 😆

Finally I will introduce the four of them. Yen-Yu Huang, Edge Lai (he just said so, without giving me his Chinese name), Ming-Chung Chen and Jing-Wen Jung. All of them are working so hard, they even missed the lunch and dinner. And just don’t care about me who is in the middle of starving. I can conclude that we are doing good even though our project has not much analysis inside. But, I like all of your ideas to make us doing some parametric study in this project. Good Luck for all of you. For the last, I will say thanks that you are forcing me to take one of the City Cafe cups. It has a good taste, since I came to know that it is a chocolate 😉


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