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Just say that I’m a little bit freaking out about Korean movie. But, I’m not going to talk about the typical Korean movie that I like. Let’s define that I love the kind of romantic and/or comedy genre. It’s just that one day I watched the Japanese movie. Let me strengthen the word MOVIE instead of DRAMA. So you can guess the duration then.

ただ、君を愛してる (Just, Loving You)

I’ll confess that it’s a bit boring from the very beginning. Seems predictable to the end, but I’m wrong. The movie started with a sentence “She used to lie very often”. Not much meaning for me. Later, almost to the end of the story. The different side of loving is revealed. I know that it’s kind of illusion, but still I can see better idea of delivering the message of this movie. Another different way of showing love can be seen here. For Shizuru (female protagonist), being matured and happy is kind of something that will trigger her unusual-unique disease. But, she finally realized that love is unbelievable good things. She makes some efforts to explore much happy moment that the world offered. She even gain her maturity by going so far away from Japan to New York and make a living like the adults did. Eventhough she is aware that it will kill her. She keeps smiling until the last day of her breath and writes about 10 letters to Segawa (male protagonist).

From this movie, I can conclude that the way Shizuru choose is not for making Segawa in love with her. But, she wants to show that taking chance of being happy and mature is not bad at all. Besides, for her loving is not about staying beside the person that she likes much. But she wants to show that by having some kind of good feeling can force her to do the best so people will remember her as a productive person not as a dying person who struggled to live. People born, of course with a fate of death one day, so it must be a fool for rejecting such a happy experience like a normal people have. For me this movie is a little bit unique. I never heard such a funny disease like appeared in this movie, but I see different existence of love in different format.

Is it true that we are going to die with all those kind of happiness? We definitely will die…

誰も知らない (Nobody Knows)

The genre of this movie is family and drama. The movie stated that this movie based on the true situation  happened in Tokyo. I don’t know that it will show such a hard situation of a family member. I will not going to discuss about the irresponsible mother.  She is not only giving proper living (even for getting out of home), but also not sending the children to school. I will focus on the eldest child in this family, Akira. He is 12 years old and still have 2 sisters and 1 brother who are from different father. Frankly, all of them are from different father. Then I don’t need to describe about the mother. One day, the mother leave this 4 kids with a small words to Akira (since, he is the one who will responsible for the 3 others) and also sum of (not much) money. The mother promises that she will come back on Christmas, but she never comes back. Akira doesn’t take a chance of reporting his situation to the government, since he is worry about being separated by his brother and sisters.

After watching this movie, I come with my own conclusion about Akira. He is so meticulous about spending the money and responsible about the other brother and sisters. He solves everything, from the daily needs until the way of hiding everything about the mother’s doing. The worst thing is he heard from some men playing with his mother, that one of the child (Yuki) is not his son just because of he did the prevention. OMG…He even makes the other brother and sisters happy by lying that the mother send each of them some money. Eventhough there is time of his rebellion, but I think he can still hold on to his straight mind. The end of this movie is shocking, since one of the sisters (Yuki) is died. He buries her near the airport zone (since he has promised Yuki to see the airplane) with the girl that he knows for sometime. I can see that there’s no tears at all in this movie. What a good morality message given in this movie! Some non-sense things are fooling around, but the way of a person stand still is adorable.

Tears can burst, but assertiveness shows us more than efforts to hold on…

* This review is totally based on me, no need to believe in that since I’m not good in making such an interpretation. Kind of simple thing and run out words.

** Still have time for movie…what about the thesis ?? @&%$#plaaaaakkkkkssss..%&$#@


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