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seems useless… but it’s demanding

Love seems useless for those who always deal with broken-hearted problem. They may reveal that love is one thing which is suck and they don’t want to deal with it anymore. But, can you see how many people who is standing still in the same path of achieving the love of someone? Sounds ridiculous. No dignity. I will say that it’s part of learning. No one will freely throw away this kind of basic affection, by stating that “I am OK without love”. The condition that makes you as well as you state is love itself. Just be more sensitive. As I ever said before, defining love itself is already difficult. Of course, since it doesn’t need any definition. The way you see on how love is working, moving or even destroying is one way on concluding the meaning of love. Let me brief you with some epilogue here

For the past few months, I found that it’s truly difficult to get the connection through the whole new terms and equations available in this project. But, surely the bright side of comfortable feeling has come up. Upside down. Of course it is one chemistry that loving your project happens. See…how good the love is.

She can predict that the storm will suddenly come through her marriage life. But, the only way of thinking is settling down her mind of being mindless and rude. The more she knows that love is not as comfortable as a warm blanket, the more she grudge accepts the confrontation of being selfish. Think…love is not a matter of dealing with your heart, but mind confidently.

Mask is the perfect shadow for hiding inside the tears. Maybe it’s not good enough, but still I can disguise by using it. I’m completely invisible until the darkness can touch me by inches. Feel…love is naturally the mask of our regret-incomplete-idle obsession.

~ No need to gain much love, knowing the function of love is worthwhile as well. At least for continuing your dazzling and marvelous life through these meticulous days in the future ~


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enthroned as…

What’s the use of dreams for me??? For simplicity, it’s truly fun to have dreams. Go far beyond my limit and feel the sensation of being in the clouds. Then, sometimes I dream for bursting my ability which is prisoned under the laziness of mine which is unbearable. On the other hand, I dream for proving that I can be as what other people can be. See…from the simplest reason until the most unqualified reason. But, as Arai said in “Sang Pemimpi” : “Just dream, then Allah will cuddle your dream”, at least it is definitely reasonable for us to dream. The continuation of the dream maybe an epithet which will be enthroned to us.



What do you think about this one??? I will not refuse that I intend to get this one. Since many people influenced me until I want it desperately. Firstly, one-of-the-President-ever-of-Indonesia BJ Habibie, he is the one who is absolutely inspires me to taste the school environment in Germany until now. The other is Pak Katili (I will always say using Pak, since I respect him much). He must take the responsibility of me being so deeply in love with Finite Element Method. He is also the one who opened my eyes about many great people from Indonesia who can sturdy in the world with their brilliant mind, innovations, experimental results, and new-born-equations in many field of study. The truly fact is long-life learning will never end, and extremely tend to grow some addiction for those who is thirsty of knowledge.


The honorable crown, with lots of burden in your shoulder. Don’t think negatively about the word “burden”. It is actually your control. Each step that you take will represent each ayat that you have memorized. What a wonderful guardian on the way you behave and talk. Feels like Allah reprimands to avoid the heat of  the hell. Beside, you may feel the greatest sensation of thinking and talking as Al-Qur’an is the only way that you believe without any doubts.

Good Wife

You may feel unpleasant with this. For me, it is one of the title that I want to attach behind my name in my life. Me with this simplicity will open up my mind that being a good wife is not as easy as you think. Mostly, people don’t take so much concern to this title. It is harder than deriving the equations or doing experiment with many requirements. For such a-no-soul things  with so many random variables to satisfy the probability of existence, it can still be fulfilled. But, don’t do it with human. The complexity of your spouse is unbelievable. Even you put on many assumptions to satisfy its existence, you will get crazy about this. So, what kind of lesson that we should gain to deal with hundreds of random variables inside of your spouse? Moreover, how to fix the probability of existence inside the word of “marriage life”?

Lovable Mother

What an honor if we are part of it. Don’t hesitate it. Not every woman proud of being a mother. For me, it’s the turning point of knowing the meaning of life. Appreciate the meaning of soul, tears, sacrifice, happiness, and other wonderful words connected to the world itself. We may feel that we are nothing to the world, but for the new born child we are his/her world.


This is the one that I like very much. Not only the formal education, but also the informal education. The power of sharing. The importance of “take and give”. The danger of silence. The disadvantage of being selfish. The complexity of building an equation. The deep thinking of formulating the phenomenon. The exact decision of using the suitable assumptions. What an addiction!


A big job, with many consequences. The first step of being patient. The first trial of not being selfish because of better understanding. The first temptation of not being arrogant through the deeper knowledge. The first test of how thankful we are from being the first who taste the experience.

Husnul Khotimah

What a perfect crown! So prestigious. Leave the rest as nothing…

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