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Based on someone’s love life

“Why is it so hard to release the feeling freely?”, She asked me along the way back home. Even the problem has passed for few years. I can’t give any satisfying answers. Defenseless. She already trusted this to Allah, but still she couldn’t just let it go smoothly as the way it should be. It felt like she was the Majnun in the “Layla and Majnun” story. The destiny wasn’t on her side, that was what she always said to me.

— the next few months —

“I am so happy, I can declare that I’m totally complete now”, she stated after a few days of her marriage. Love needs an effort, of course it takes time to be felt all around. But, Allah makes it easy as you realize that Allah is the “Greatest Love of All”. No doubt of it.

Source from someone’s school life

After taking 8-hard-and-crazy courses, I finally have to accept that I need to struggle more for Random Vibration course. That’s the only one left, but give such a good-and-valuable lesson to me. Life will not end here, without any efforts, everything definitely will not go down from heaven as a gift. Professor RH-Cherng may think suspicious toward me about taking Structural Reliability course for refreshment to me before I repeat the Random Vibration class. But, I have planned it already. I don’t want to regret it all of my life if I can’t conquer this course.

— one year later —

“Construction engineering?? why do you take that as your major?”, one of Malaysian lady revealed that to me. I feel not good for few seconds, then everything is going back to my dignity. I am the one who will smoothly lead my own destiny. It’s not about the choice, but I’ve already gone to deep to this field. Moreover, I can’t take my eyes from Finite Element Method.

According to someone’s friendship

Time for taking turn of handling this person. “Good luck guys, we believe in you”. We are not good enough, so that’s why we pass it to you. Don’t use your heart, but use your head. Be smart and tough. No hurt feeling, no whirling. We have taken this as one of advertisement in our life.

Recite from someone’s marriage life

— first year of marriage —

Feels like hell. Everything is change so suddenly. I never thought that it will be like this. What a boring life will be for the rest of my life. I have to face the same person every single minute of my life until one of us died. But, still it’s the battle of getting half of my religion. What a triumph!!

— tenth year of marriage —

The things is not only about you and me from now on. But it will be me, you and our children. Everything will be sacrificed for our daughter and son. Nothing compared to them. What a proud to be a parents. Seeing them growing from time to time, watching every talent, smiling happily after school because of finding me on the door, retelling each of achievements that make them awarded.

— twentieth year of marriage —

They talk much about the world, sometimes it makes me the one who is old fashioned. But, still they can make me laugh about everything. Not to be ignored is the only hope that I need from you. Please take me as your friend forever. That’s more than enough…


Time can’t be the standard that you are done with something that you think you can’t handle anymore for sometime. Everything seems has reached the turbidity, but you still hear your heart beating, your nose is panting for breath, your eyes is winking uncountably, so you must understand that you still alive. There must be a high concentration of the soluble substance inside the liquid. What must be done next…

1. Have a strong believe that the soluble substances (read = problems) will definitely move to another side that they like most. Then, we can see that the chemical reaction (read = Allah) is walking nicely during the time of separation.

2. Endeavor your mind of not being mindless, then take a step by step action to concentrate the soluble substances (read = problems) into solid (read = small). If it’s hard enough, use the sieve (read = prayer) to separate it. Taking much time, but it’s better than doing nothing.

3. Engage another chemical substances (read = friends) to help us concentrate the soluble substances (read = problems)

~ Good Luck ~


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符號 (fu2 hao4)

lovethere lies a scar

no need to worry what it stands for

since I know that Allah insists to love me more

chinese heat

the heat stings for three seconds

then a ‘knife’ sets aside as if it is the tattoos

what a beautiful sign to avoid me from mindless


a heal treats me virtually followed by some words of sympathy 🙂

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what does cat represent??




Each of the cat’s expression represents the behavior of the owner…

~ there’s no intention to blow up the brand ~

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existance of mine



The bicycle is mine, and so definitely the place to park it…

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