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precious episodes ^^

~ The out-of-mind one of Laskar Chia Yi – Bungkil ~


Let me tell you what kind of friendship offered by her for about the last two months in Taipei :

1. Founding theΒ  newest “Zoo” in NTUST – Taipei in desperate of beating the record of Taipei Zoo, even so sarcastically calling me with the most-famous-and-profitable-name *Guess what the name is??*

2. Succeed in making me the truly laborers in my own dormitory. How dare she did it to me! Feels like I’m a slave for her. Take care of her dirty clothes and iron it for her. It’s a truly harassment for my dignity *blowing the news* (peace bungkong^^)

3. Overbear my cupboard with her clothes and fit some of my clothes for her special events. Oh my God, please don’t send her again to Taipei if it’s not so important *kidding girls πŸ˜‰ *

4. Happily lost her most valuable-and-prestigious bicycle and plan to another bicycle. What a wonderful person with a very limited-dreadful-uncertain scholarship!

5. Kind of sensitive person just because of tiny-small things which make her uncomfortable. But still…even though there are many uncomfortable things in my dormitory, she still makes herself as comfortable as her own as usual *sigh*

~ The toughest opponent – Mbak Lilik a.k.a Sri ~


Here it is the best partner in crime for Bungkil. They are compatible to be the foxes against me. Go on girls for doing such a humiliation to me. Then what she serves for our friendships??

1. Humiliation of course the best part of her specialty to make me down and be quiet as silent as the deep-dark-long cave

2. Her willingness of traveling around can be one of the advantage of taking her as a good companion to go here and there πŸ˜‰

3. Thrifty-planning-meals are other benefits of her. She is good on that. Trust me. I’ve already become the member of her program. Wanna join her??? Just call 30404 πŸ˜†

~ The young-beautiful-smart-independent French girl – Ouahiba ~


I never thought that she was Moslem until she asked us about the first day of Ramadhan. She is one of our friends in NTU Chinese class. Unfortunately we get closer and talk much in the last 1 week of Ramadhan. So the intensive conversation just happen when we were at the Taipei Grand Mosque. I do enjoy talking with her, even my English is pretty bad. She just can understand me and being so nice for every single conversation. She always wants to know much about Islam. She even has some desires of going to some Moslem countries. She has declared that she loves Asia. What a wonderful girl, since she is still 23 years old. Definitely younger than me *cry hard*

Maybe I can reach her through the email all the time, but still I feel a little bit sad since she is going back to France today (28 August 2009) on 13-hours-midnight direct flight to France. The last 1 week, we talk much about everything during the way back from the Taipei Grand Mosque by walking or when we met on the way to break the fasting together there. She even agreed when I offer her for a ride in the back of my bicycle. What a wonderful experience for me to meet another Moslem from the other part of the world.

~ The wonderful Chinese teachers – Mrs. Chen Fang Pei ~

last day

chinese papercut

Actually not only the teachers which is so wonderful but the class is marvelous as well. Here you will hear many different languages try to find its existence. Four different kinds of languages are Indonesian, English, Javanese and of course Chinese itself. Sometimes we forget that the one sitting next to us is Indian, but still we talk in Javanese. Oh my goodness, of course they don’t understand. But still, we didn’t realize that they’re not Indonesian. What a great class, even for the culture class part is so refreshing. Since I need to struggle with Chinese, so let’s meet on the next semester Chinese class *hoping for better Chinese*


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Do you want to hear the stories about the hot day in Taipei? Maybe it’s just because I’ve already felt the damn-cold-winter, so I may say that summer is truly hot. After cycling just to get to the Taipei Cultural Mosque, I just can’t stand to make my head windy. Get close to the fan is not working, I still feel my head so dizzy. Even I’ve already cover my head with the veil, but still I can feel that the sunshine go deep inside my skull. Thank God, there lies a strong-finger person, Bunga (the truly name-obviously) who is ready to give me some massages on my head. Eventhough she said that she is weak because of the thrifty-planning for many reasons which is only her and God knows.

Bunga has the plan for eating shaved ice after pray Maghrib. I can barely reject her invitations. For the sake of solidarity, I ask Mbak Lilik to join us. Of course, she will agree. I never doubt that. There we go. Shi Da night market. A heaven for a shopaholic. But, for me if it’s not for a bowl of shaved ice, I will not go down there. Even for walking and crossing the line, it’s very hard to do. Since it’s summer day, moreover it’s summer vacation for the students, so you feel the damn-good-thing for all of the guys out there (damn-disgusting-view for me).

Mbak Lilik walk in front of Bunga and me. Then when we walk, there are some guys from…(I don’t know where they come from) but they speak English and see us quizzically. But I don’t feel so. And then they talk to strengthen their view by saying “Wow, some Taiwanese girl is so cool”. I just talked to Bunga : “Do you think that we don’t understand what you said” (of course we speak in Indonesian, in order not to make them heartache). Now just forget about the people, let’s join us for the shaved ice *drooling*

020820091976es rasa spirtus

020820091978pinky-winky-icy, es rasa spirtus, greenery ice (es rasa rumput πŸ˜› )

190720091904-001yummy… the first bribe is so melted in my mouth, but the rest…please help me to finish this πŸ˜† (it’s so you)

~The one served is not as good in taste as you see~

~~Time for searching another shaved ice, before the winter is coming~~ πŸ˜†

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