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from catering to sharing

“Ready to serve for the sake of your pleasure”. You may think that it’s kind of a hard job. May be you need to deal with many complaints and desires from your loyal customer, even so some of the new customers just to try what kind of serve that they are offered.

I’ve just finished my job to be the coordinator for the dinner and lunch for the past two weeks. It happens only in our campus, since there is one of Moslem restaurant which is ready to deliver the lunch and dinner to our campus, even so we get some discount for certain menu. It’s already a big advantage for us, since we can get the “halal” food with special price and also the easiness of getting the food. For the first time, it is a little bit confusing but I’m getting used to as the day goes by. Sunday and Monday will be the hardest day, since I have to plot all the list of the menu of the customers for one week.

Thanks to Mr. Syarif who is willing to deliver the food to our campus. He is Chinese, but he is good in speaking English. He likes to talk, so I just hear what he said and give some responses if it is needed, and if it is not, of course just a smile to show that I’m still on earth for keeping my ears on his talking. My position and his position is the same, we are the courier. He is the courier for the Curria Cafe, and I’m the courier on behalf of my friends 😉


One day, after doing the transactions, he told me that today is his birthday.

Mr. Syarif : “Today is my birthday”

Me : “Ooo…Happy birthday to you. May Allah bless you all the way”

Mr. Syarif : “You don’t need to say happy birthday”

Me : “Why, I just intend that your age will be full of blesses”

Mr. Syarif : “In Moslem way, there’s no habit of celebrating the birthday. You only have to remember that the day when you’re coming to the this world, your mom is betting her life to give a birth of you”

Me : (speechless…suddenly missing my mother) “OK, thank you Mr. Syarif for delivering the food. Bye…”

I walked back to my campus, while getting touchy of Mr. Syarif’s words. Before, I never thought the meaning of birthday as he thought. Even in Indonesia, I never get such a deep concept about birthday. Until now, the focus of birthday is on the subject’s side. None of us remember about our mother’s sacrifice. Thank you for your wisdom words Mr. Syarif. I never realized until you revealed that 😦


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Terasa tak cukup hanya dengan-MU

Lalu ada yang lain mengusik dan mengganggu

Aku tata dengan rapi agar aku tau itu hanya untukku

Apakah memang sungguh begitu??

Lihat dan cari lebih ke dalam hati

Adakah hati suka cita dan bahagia

Ataukah hanya semburat warna yang meracau asa

Beginikah sebenarnya cinta??

Diam dalam rindu tak bernada

Mengasah pikiran, memaksa logika

Jurang hati menganga

Ternyata cinta miliki caranya untuk bermakna

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