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beautiful morning ^^



Happiness keeps you sweet

Trials keep you strong

Sorrow keeps you human

Failure keeps you humble

Success keeps you glowing

Misunderstanding keeps you in pain, but it’s only Allah that keeps you going…


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“mellow = norak”…So, how “norak” are you???

First, decide to do it in English or Indonesian?? OK, to make it clear just use Indonesian…(*gaya banget sih lo…)


Buat blogwalker yg kesasar di blog aneh ini, silahkan jawab beberapa pertanyaan berikut…kalo yang gak kesasar, monggo diisi dengan sepenuh hati dengan mempertimbangkan tingkat kenorakan anda masing2 (*maksud lo apa…haghaghag)

Questions :

1. “mellow = norak” setuju gak? Klo ya, tlg kasih range tingkat kesetujuanmu antara 1  – 100% (*nyontek kalimatnya Pak Hary Oktavianto niihhh…)?

2. Aktivitas ternorak kala sifat mellow melanda?

3. Ada gak mellow yg gak norak?

Itu aja 3 pertanyaan pentingnya…gak ada unsur pemaksaan untuk mengisi…tapi mari jujur pada hati nurani (*lo mo kampanye bu…)

Supaya gak terkesan curang, biarlah I’m the first to be lucky no one to answer that (*dasar aneh…bikin pertanyaan sendiri…jawab2 sendiri…nasib…)

Answers :

1. Setuju dikit…(*mulai mikir karena yuher melontarkan pernyataan ini tiba2). Rangenya 17% (*kenapa 17%?? dasar angkanya dari mana??? penelitian dari responden kah??? yah, karena suka2 aja…haghaghag….gak mutu blas..)

2. Jadi malas belajar (*sombong…padahal emang dah butek…dan yang pasti hobi tidur…haghaghag), Jadi malas makan (*yang ini gak bisa dipercaya…), Jadi pengen extrovert (*karena ini bukan aku bangetttsss…)

3. Ooo mellow yang gak norak…pasti ada…contohnya jadi rajin nge-go-blog pas lagi mellow, jadi rajin traktir2 (*yang ini kasusnya langka, dilakukan hanya saat mellow pada awal bulan…haghaghag), jadi rajin bersih2 (*ini juga gak bisa dipastikan tingkat korelasinya…haghaghag)

Ayo…aku berikan wadah untukmu menunjukkan tingkat kenorakan-mu karena sebuah aktivitas bernama “mellow” (*emang mellow akitivitas ya…bukannya makanan yang gembuk2 gitu…itu marshmallow bodoh…)

**No need to defend yourself of feeling gulity for not filling out the answers 😆 (*it’s just my mind, which needs some refreshments)

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time to say good bye

Since we have finished all the final project presentation, it’s time for me to say good bye to you all. (Prof I-Tung Yang – last day of the Application of Computational Intelligence in Engineering)


After about one semester dealing with the coding, finally we’re done. No extravagant tears for ending this class. Still I can take so many advantages for taking this class. Of course, mostly because of the Professor himself (*what a perfect reason for always taking this lousy courses…haghaghag). For the last 2 or 3 weeks there are some stories that I haven’t shared, which is so poor if I don’t record it here (*just for my consumption, but I’ll let everyone laugh if you think that it’s fun)

1st Conversation (between the Professor and one of the Indonesian team member in my class)

P : “So, have you decided that you’re going to change the sequence of your presentation to the first week instead of the second week?”

*my friend is turning her head and find her other team member. Murmuring and giving some codes. End with saying OK. Then get her head to the steady position, face the Professors and ready to give the answer

Y : “yo wes…”

*gubraakkkkkssss….what kind of answer is that. The giggling laughter is unbearable. But, I forget not to see the Professor’s reaction due to that weird answer, since I’m busy to laugh too (*regretting). Oh my goodness, Javanese comes to exist itself 😆

2nd Conversation (setting time is when the presentation show off, actually I sit in front of the Professor, really close till I can see each of his expressions clearly)

P : “Team no. 21. Loli (my chinese name), Munif, and Gandhi. Please come forward and do the presentation.”

*I stay in my seat. Holding the term project report and pass it to Munif for being delivered to the Professor.

P : “Loli, now you are not doing the presentation. OK, I think it’s quite fair. You do the presentation in the midterm right?” – followed by the sweet smile from him

R : “Yes, I think it’s time for the men to show off” – another sweet smile from me (*do I have that kind of sweet smile..I doubt myself actually :sigh: )

*I’m a bit surprised that the Professor still remember me who is the one doing the presentation. Of course he will, since the “moving to the other class” drama of the midterm presentation is so booming 😆

~ dreaming of another Professor I-Tung Yang’s class ~

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friction, not a matter of winning or losing…

frictionWhat comes into your mind about this picture? A matter of physics lecture notes or a wind loading analysis? Or having no idea at all about this? I will understand if you don’t want to make an analysis about that. I just want to stress that the more people in your surroundings, it will take more friction around you. For each side, not only from your left or right, it can be inside your brain or unfortunately your heart. What can you deal with your surroundings about the friction which is unavoidable in your life?

Just now, I will say that it’s not a matter of bursting your anger and make other people unpleasant because of the things that you hide inside. A short and behave conversation can be the way to make other people understand. Neither for judging that the fault is yours and the right is mine nor for blowing the wind of victory inside of you because you are the one doing the damn good thing to keep the rule unbreakable.

For the anger that has been bursting, I will reveal that I’m wrong. Still keep up the good anger management of me for not defending myself of everything that I’ve actually done wrong. Just a little wish that I will have a strong dignity. Just like the tag line that I chose already. “where the wind blows, the root is standing still”

May Allah remind me in every way, eventhough through the rude behave and abrupt words. If I’m really mistreated, please take it as the compliment for my patience. If it is not, please remind me always. Even with another unearthly things, in order to lesser the friction inside. No hurt feeling, just behave better…

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embrace with your grace


 Really make me nervous just by watching you…AWESOME

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