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ketika malam semakin larut…


Ada pembicaraan aneh via sms saat dua orang masih terjaga di keheningan malam (*sok puitis banget seeehhh…)

L : “…. steady state dan thermodinamika…” (sedang menggambarkan sebuah persahabatan dalam bahasa teknik kimia…kaga ngarti deh mbaknya….)

R : “wussss…semakin keren aja nih puisinya…pake bahasa solid state chemistry segala. Wes lah mbaknya, aku gak mudeng.”

L : “iyo dong, supaya aku gak dikira plagiat bahasa construction…mangkane aku pake istilah TeKim. Met nggarap PR yo, ben ndang mari. Aku yo durung ngantuk, mangkane aku sinau ae (sombong yang positif)”

R : “sombong yang positif…keren juga tuh perumpamaannya ya…aku mau nyontek kalimatnya ah…”

L : “aku arep sombong maneh ah..saiki aku arep belajar Thermodinamika sambil ngapalno surat Abasa…”

R : “wussss…mbaknya keren je…aku¬†makin mengekeret ae iki…gak enek ilmune…”

L : “ojo salah, iku ngapalno nek wis capek mantengi Thermo, sakjane aku ra iso2 ngerjakno satu soal pun…hahahahaha…”

R : “mbaknya, kalo mau wedang jae instant aku yo nduwe kok…kalo mau ke kamarku aja”

L : “oke, aku tak nyuci gelas sik…aku tak nang kamarmu”

Waktu menunjukkan pukul 02.20, dan aku inisiatif nunggu diluar kamar karena takut mengganggu temen2 yg dah tidur. Pembicaraan berlanjut di depan mesin air minum (dispenser). Tanpa komentar apa2 langsung ketawa2 didepan dispenser sambil membahas sms barusan…selesai transaksi wedang jahe, langsung masuk kamar masing2. Tapi seperti yang diduga, sms masih juga berlanjut..

L : “Aku ngerti kenapa aku gak iso turu. Mau bar maem nang indo sakura kan awake dewe ngombe green tea. Aku mesti cari makanan atau minuman sedative (penenang) nih untuk mengatasi kafein dalam teh” (FYI Mbak ini gak perlu minum kopi untuk membuatnya terjaga, tapi cukup teh saja dan akibatnya adalah dia susah tidur….hahahaha…yang terkadang dia lupa kalo nai cha itu ada tehnya…alhasil setiap abis minum nai cha, langsung muring2 gak iso turu…)

R : “Waduh, memangnya makanan atau minuman yang ada unsur sedativenya itu apa??”

L : ” Obat bius..@@” (*shocking answer… ūüėÜ )

R : “huaahahahahahahaa….parah nih mbaknya…kalo gitu besok siap2 heroin sama shabu2 buat dijadiin sedative abis minum teh…”

L : “Ada sedative gratis kok…gak usah tuku…nek aku diterangno Professor di kelas, aku langsung jadi tenang kok (*ngantuk…)”

R : “hahahahahaha…..sedativenya sama dong ya…”

L : “wah sama ya…nek ngono tos disik yo…”

Begitulah kira2 pembicaraan ketika malam semakin larut (*ngelantur…). Yang satu sibuk cari cara supaya bisa tidur, dengan cara membeberkan “sombong yang positif”-nya kepada temannya yang sedang (*sedeng) jatuh cinta sama PR dari Professor ūüėÜ

**Jangan dipraktekan di asrama atau kost2an anda, karena kegiatan membuang pulsa itu tidak baik..apalagi yang hidupnya bergantung pada beasiswa yang pas-pasan…Karena perlu anda ketahui, dua orang yang ber-sms-ria ini jarak kamarnya hanya 1 kamar terpisah…(*memalukan…)

**Ketika semua orang terganggu dengan YM yang bisa bikin lupa diri karena mengobrol, ternyata mematikan notebook bukan cara yang tepat untuk meng-cut pembicaraan…notebook mati, handphone hidup…11-12… ūüėÜ


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fuzzy story – cliche of priority


Cliche of Heart

There¬†is a¬†great amount of passion that can warm his/her¬†heart for a certain time (even I can’t define the duration). He/she is¬†not pretty sure to take it as part of¬†his/her life, but it can make¬†his/her¬†life different. Colorful or even blasting in the dark by its light. Another side is not tempting at all, but challenging a bit. It’s a perfect place to be all out and show that he/she is also care. Two different side of L.O.V.E. in different perspective. A cliche things that all the people in the world can be crazy of. First part of defining LOVE itself becomes the hardest part. If¬†someone defines it as taking a chance of sharing and giving, there will be no such a¬†dazzling suicide like many people do recently. Love can’t be fulfilled in a hundred years or even longer of someone’s life. The longer you live, the more love you need. In many different ways and definitions, for sure.

Cliche of Obligation

How old are we? But still having¬†a long headache¬†in deciding what’s to be done first. Even so avoiding the obligation to be done by another¬†unimportant things. The world will never stop just by clicking your finger and¬†the world will always be different even when you are doing nothing¬†solely. What a complicated words! As the time goes by, but¬†we are still in the same chapter of life, it means that we are nothing. The fact is moving, but the solution is still left behind. That’s what make life is so boring, still facing the same door to be run out. Just giving the argument, but no movement or even a willingnes to make a little step to change is just a story of yesterday. The time is limited,¬† but we have to do many obligations.¬†Make some movements, then the world will never be the same again.

Cliche of Dignity

In this lousy-messy world, everyone needs to be survive from the negative argument of him/herself. The good looking is no longer exists in a second as we make a fatal behavior. What else to be the guardian angle for us to save our image beside our dignity. In the name of this, a very silent person can be as talkative as the commentator. The silence is not gold anymore, but it can be a diamond in a perfect time. No need to be provocated to talk much to defend your dignity. Look inside of you, hear your heart closer, reveal it that I’m wrong, then CHANGE…It’s more than enough.

A bitter decision will be a story in the end. A sweet song will be memories in time. For good or bad, there’s always intersection that we find. In the mean time, we¬†need to save for good to make us eternal. So what’s the need of being left behind or¬†pretending to¬†turn it back to the time we feel so pleasant. Many unfinishied business to be finished. And we are not the one who are blessed to finish that. As we know that Heaven doesn’t choose the person to be there, but people should work on that to be the chosen one.

~ End it good, nevertheless the world is not so good ~



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proudly presents…(chapter I)

Many stories about friendship come up. People may say that the story is  just a very common and nothing should be shared. But, for the subject who got a chance to taste how good the friendship is, they always have many things to be proud to be shared.

~ the sequence doesn’t indicate the less importance of you in my heart ~


Bunga Primasari

A very friendly person with a different style of giving argument. Sometimes she can be so mature and warm-hearted, but in another situation you can see her as a truly “criminal” a.k.a PREMAN. Act foolishly but still glowing her broad-minded personality. Everything is just a piece of cake for her, no wonder that she survives in handling all the matters. Full of energy, like a “silver lining in the clouds”…What a good tag line, which is truly indicating herself.

Wahidah Mahanani

Another unique person with a “sleepy” eyes. Don’t let her shut up, then you will see she is truly asleep. Keep her commenting and talking, than you’ll be save. What a good friend for a silent person like me (Am I truly that silent???) Full of idea, even so guiding my traditional mind to go beyond the limit. Still having a heart for something girly. Even for very simple dreams which seems so fool to me,successfuly it¬†can bring me another refreshing idea.

Yuherina Gusman

Special‚Ķthat‚Äôs the word that I want to say indicating herself. Without any doubt, she delivers the people around her to be the important one to be cared of. That‚Äôs why she is special. Popular is also another word which is so her. She has a power to make herself popular, even by promoting herself or doing some narcissism action or praise. But, as long as it works, don‚Äôt need to worry. I guess the ‚ÄúVictory of the Star‚ÄĚ must do extra work to keep her shining.

 Farida Rahmawati Purnadiana

Totally a unique person, until I decide to give up on her. No need extra efforts to make a quarrel with her. Just a light conversation, then everything is burst. I still can take a good side of her. Persistent, ambitious, nerd, and smart. But, from now on, you can’t trust my explanation about her anymore. She is trying and still taking time to change. I think, I can deal with her right now.

Ervin Nurhayati

She drives her life neutrally. Not only to be as easy as everything will go through the flow, but also not to be as difficult as everything should be reached perfectly. Many random words of wisdom come out from her mouth. Sometimes makes me think that I’m the stupid one who still alive in this advanced world. Contributing to everyone is her perfect willingness that I can’t defeat. Another thing is her sincerity, that’s why people being easy to get along with her.

Lilik Suprianti

She is definitely charmed with a bunch of patience. Realistic…

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first key…

pencerahanAfter cancelation for two weeks, I finally met my Professor to report some progress about what I’ve understood according to my thesis topics. Actually this is the part that I hate most. All we need to do is reading all the books and journal papers all the time. In my limited time of completing the never-ending homework, I have so many difficulties in understanding each part of the new things considering to my special topic which is about corrosion. It’s designing part in Civil Engineering, so there will be no experimental practice done according to my thesis. All we need to do is concentrating in so many equations to make the equation working for certain circumstances of structure under the external loading. For simple, we have to find the capacity of the structure due to the loading.

In the very first time of the meeting, the Professor asked me to¬†find some idea about the deterioration of the structure because of the earthquake and the environment. For me, earthquake is quite common. Since the earthquake is one of the most destructing loading to the structure. Then what about the environment. I suggest the wind loading, but the Professor said that it’s significant just for the highrise building. Then he give me the idea about corrosion. It’s so chemical. All the research connects to corrosion is for the material part, not the calculation of structural part. I start to get confused about this one. Another clue from my Professor is “binding failure”

I’ve tried to read the books and find some journal papers about the binding failure in reinforced concrete. But, as we expected that it’s all about the experimental data and its explanation in graphic and table. It’s difficult to find the equation to solve the capacity of the building due to the corrosion. Another fact that I’ve been analyzed is that corrosion is dependent of time. So the results of the calculation will be a random variable. No wonder why the Professor asks me to take Random Vibration course. Then today, the Professor said that, it’s not only dependent with time, but also dependent with space. Oh my Goodness…another big problem for me.

Today’s meeting, I just report that I can’t find any references about how to calculate the capacity of the structure considering the binding failure. Then the Professor just give me a smile, and tell me that it’s a fact that we will be in trouble in finding the equation to solve it. Then the Professor gives me another journal paper to be analyzed. The conclusion of today’s meeting is I have to develop a new equation to find the capacity of the structure by considering a binding failure. (*deep sigh…followed by the sweet smile of the Professor) How can I face the day later…Building a new equation??? This is the first key of my thesis, what a difficult job actually…

~ The distance is nothing. It’s only the first step which is difficult ~

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Seperti ada yang singgah

Terlihat berjalan dan berlari lelah

Samar-samar menghujam dan memanah

Lalu tinggal dan menggugah…





Biarlah jiwa dan ruh mengaduh

Rasakan semua trauma memerih

Tapi, masih ada kesempatan untuk asa tertumpah

Lalu memeluk, karena bahagia membuncah…

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hang twice – move to another class

young-man-having_u12406305What can I say about today’s presentation? There’s no feeling about performing a good presentation or not. Actually all my attention has already caught by the computer in the class. Our team is lucky number one to present the term project to substitute the midterm exam. Since yesterday, I’ve already felt so nervous about presenting this term project. I choose to present it since the time given is just 5 minutes. So I will take the risk for presenting the term project to share some burdens of this project. Since I don’t have any ability to do the coding, so I will take the other part of the burden that I can carry on. Of course those¬† two other gentlemen will take the coding part.

The presentation day is coming. I can’t run from it. I always have this kind of nerves when I present something in front of many people. That’s my weakness, I can’t face a group of people. So scarry!! Then the Professor asks the group who will present in the first sequence. I just¬†wake up¬†from my seat and move forward,¬†while the ¬†Professor talk to the class why the men are not taking their job of presenting. I said nothing, just giving him a smile. Then I grab the mouse to open the presentation which is already downloaded to the Blackboard system yesterday. Double click…no respons! Right-click…click open…still no respons! Then the Professor come to me and talk what happen. “It can’t be opened” I answered him. He starts to make a disappointed sigh, then taking over the computer. For a while he presses¬†some Ctrl-Alt-Del in the keyboard. Not running! “Should we restart the computer?” He asked me. Then he just turn it off. Then ask me whether I bring some virus in this PPT file. “No”, I insisted. Then around a minute the computer is coming back then he open the PPT for me. Finally it’s working. Then I start to say “Good Morning everyone”. The Professor also ask the class to be a little bit calm down. I press the F5 to make the display as the slide show. But, again it’s hanging up. Then the Professor ask me to make the display change. He click the icons of slide show, but it’s hanging up again. Deep sigh from the Professor…I’m so released, until I can’t feel the nerves of showing a bunch of people. The class becomes so messy. The Professor says sorry to me for this inconvenience. No need to, actually.

I get back to my seat, and my friends keep on accusing me for doing some crackness toward the computer. Since when I touch the computer, it¬†is hanging up. After some time in trying to fix the computer, even bringing the¬†notebook to change the function the computer, it’s still not working at all. The last decision is moving out the class to another classroom. Hohohoho…What a messy today!! “Please move to the room 701” He declared to the class. Another team member of mine said, maybe the problem is trully coming from our PPT file. But, I say to him just see the result if our PPT file¬†can be¬†opened¬†in another computer or not. Finally the file is successfully opened. And I made a very weird presentation. The nerves get back, hopefully it’s not too bad. Since I always getting clumsy in speaking, even in Indonesian. Hopefully the Professor get the idea of my presentation, and I think he got it. He even asks a question about our presentation. But, let the gentlemen answer it. MY JOB IS DONE…!! (*horrraaaaaayyyyyy)

There’s always something fun in this class. When¬†the Vietanamese students hold a presentation, they even attached the picture of them. What a truly¬†narcissism action! Then they also attached the Professor’s picture, since they took the journal paper which is written by the Professor. What a surprising thing is the Professor even gives a comment to his own picture. He said that the picture is taken on his wedding day. It’s full of smile. Then he said that he smiled like¬†that because his wife ask him to do so. “You know it’s a wedding day, than your wife ask¬†you to do so. You can’t just neglect her wish, so that’s the result”, he explained. I can’t take myself of not being laughed of his statement. Actually he don’t need to explain the whole story. Then he get shy and ask the student to close the presentation. What a funny and handsome Professor! (*but already has a wife and a daughter…why’s so disappointed??? hihihihi…)

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