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bedtime story a.k.a HOMEWORK

homeworkIt seems so sad, when you heard that “your homework is your lullaby”. But, please don’t make me more pathetic because of that. I’m trying to release all these burdens as the way of making my time more usable. Happy face doesn’t indicate that someone is truly fine all the way. That’s the stressing point when everyone keeps on judging on my daily activities. I can’t find the way out from these duties, but I can feel the strict time kills me. Now, I can feel that time is as sharp as a sword. To make it happy, I keep on insisting in doing the homework. Eventhough I finish it in a very stupid way. I don’t want it to be the unfinished business that I will regret later. Sometimes I feel so jealous that I can’t find another leisure time just to make me free for a while. Even for the leisure time, Allah entrusts me to spend it for good. Ooo…what a happy life! If we have to have a busy life but it’s full of grateful and embrace from the other moslems.

I sharpen my mind and heart from this routine. A very good sign from Allah, that I have to manage the time more more strict than ever. I thought that I was dealing good with all my time before. But, not to be so proud of myself, Allah reprimands me with this way. Keep on giving the tasks without any happy time, even for breathing. But, that’s a very grateful grace. My time is dedicated for the good things (hopefuly). Since every blink of the eyes, every breath that we take, every sigh, every heartbeat, and the other simple “every” are for praying to Allah, so I submit my fate in accordance of Allah wants.

Ya Rabbana, please take as much advantage inside of me for being served to You later…please make my heart warmer…please take care all of the people that I love and care, because I don’t have any authority to take good care all of them…please take good care of me too…

~ simple research enthusiasm = simple happiness ~


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white noise…








Suara 1 :

Hohoho…sebentar lagi sampe bandara loh. Gak ada yang ketinggalan kan??? “huhuhuu…dah gak sabar mo ketemu ibu..”, suara hati menggelegar.

Sampai di bandara… “Ayo segera check in aja…” kresek-kresek-kresek….klotak-klotak….

…..kok dibawah selimut, masih dinaungi sama langit2 yang jaraknya cuma beberapa centimeter…. MIMPI je…!!!

Hikmah 1 : Tau aja kalo yang mimpi mahasiswa kere, jadi mimpinya baru nyampe bandara doang…check in pun belom…







Suara 2 :



ya ampyun yuher, jangan ketawa mulu dong…semakin dikau ketawa aku semakin gak seimbang nih membonceng dikau. perlu diingat ya, dikau itu cukup berat. pengemudi + penumpang sama2 kelas berat…jadi ya berat deh mancal sepeda e…makin ngos2an karena yuher makin geli ketawanya…semakin aku suruh diam, makin gak bisa berhenti ketawanya….huks…

Hikmah 1 : Yuher sedikit menggila jika bertemu sepeda…mungkin itu alasan kenapa dia gak punya sepeda…

Hikmah 2 : Ternyata sepedaku punya daya tarik tersendiri…daya tarik humoris…perlu ditelaah, itu sepeda kenapa mengikuti jejak pemiliknya…hihihihihi….








Suara 3 :


1 New Message Received : “R***t…**u **n**n d*h…lagi ngapain?”

Hikmah 1 : makin meringis gak jelas….terima kasih…krik..krik…krik… – susah tidur-

Hikmah 2 : makin jadi follower








Suara 4 :

dial HOME…nada tunggu…operator ngoceh in zhongwen…

dial HOME…nada tunggu…click…no tone…

2 hari kemudian… “Bu, kok tilpunnya gak pernah diangkat?”….Diseberang sana terdengar jawaban “Ho oh…tilpunnya kesamber petir…” ngiiiiikkkkk…lagi2 permasalahan klasik…

Hikmah 1 : Kalo mo tilpun minta doa, jangan mepet2…ntar keburu keduluan sama petir… T_T

Hikmah 2 : Semakin gak bisa dihubungi, semakin gerimis saat menelepon…(*kangen ibu setengah gila…)








Suara 5 :

We will set the time for the midterm. The choices are on April 30th or May 7th. The class vote for May 7th.

The class of Random Vibration. Talking about the real white noise. Consider the Random Process and Random Variables. What a confusing class. The confussion itself is a white noise, we need to do some random process and get some random variables. Do you understand it??? Another problem is generating the structural dynamics equation. It’s a trully white noise class…

Hikmah 1 : Semakin memusingkan, semakin random…(*cukup aplikatif dalam kehidupan sehari2…tapi untuk struktur…please enjoy the tedious part of the civil engineering)

Hikmah 2 : white noise means lullaby. What a perfect time to sleep!! hohohoho… (*mostly recommended for Fe supplement)

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CODING…as crunchy as ’emping’, but prepare for the ‘hard-feeling’

The theory seems so easy to understand. I saw you just make a big O after I explain all the material during the class. Then it’s totally different when you apply it into programming. The problem seems so easy to solve. Just kind of optimization problem such as minimization or maximization. But when you face your computer and open one of the software program, that’s the real coding. The difficulties are coming, what should I do first??? (everbody starts laughing…and so the Professor…) – Prof. I-Tung Yang (today’s class berfore the bell’s ringing, Wednesday, April 22, 2009)


This could be the most interesting class that I’ve ever attended beside Finite Element Method. I will reveal that the Professor is obviously handsome, no doubt of it. I will thank to my Professor too, since he asked me to follow this class. Actually I have a big nerves in choosing this class, since I have no basic about programming or coding. Eventhough I’m familiar with the algorithm, but I can’t make it on my own. I have to deal with algorithm when I finish my Bachelor thesis, but it’s just understanding the algorithm not making on my own.

My friend unconciuosly declares that the Professor is a little bit like the picture that I attach here 😆 But please don’t interpretate in a negative way. He is still handsome, trust me! You know what’s the statement that makes him looks like Suneo’s expression. “Do you know what I’m talking about?” or “Is it OK?”. When he said these two words his face will be so guilty and confused. That’s the good capture, maybe that’s why my friend uncounciously declare him looks like Suneo.

The most interesting part was today’s class. He explained about PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization). Focusing on the type of constraint handling in PSO, they are bouncing strategy, adhere strategy, re-entering strategy, and penalty. When he tried to get focus on re-entering strategy, he gives a visualization as the “Doraemon door” which can enter another part of the places when you open it. The first time he mentioned the Doraemon comics all the class becomes so lousy. Not to be left behind, my friend and I looked each other and laugh as satisfy as we can. I never thought that the word Doraemon would be shouted from his mouth. Fortunately he didn’t mention the other cartoon character like Suneo. I can’t imagine what if he reveals Suneo too. Must be unbearable laugh will be…

Without being lost of my respect to him, I admire him for his good talent and cleverness. Beside, he is a very understandable lecturer. He knows that the students will not complete the task until the time of its completion. Of course, why do we need so diligent? The other homework is also waitting for its completion 😉

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Suddenly miss You…

For how many times do you remember that you’re going to leave this world suddenly?

Suddenly hope is growing…

For how long have you lost your confidence and got shrink of your guts?

Suddenly tears is unbearable

From when that you feel that everything is perfectly disguise in appearance?

Suddenly raise up the will to reveal

Where is the best place for your secret actually?

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contribution of stupidity

Many of us didn’t realize that stupidity comes from him/herself. How come??? Beware with the following words…

Finish your problem even with a very stupid way. Ignoring or even giving up actually shows that you are the stupid one. If you give up, means that you lose a very great oppurtunity to see the very beautiful results behind.

Taken from Prof. Rwey-Hua Cherng (lecturer of Random Vibration) just now  (Thursday, April 9th, 2009) in the last time before the bell was ringing.


You may feel that it looks like finding a needle in a spread out of rice field. But, the more persistent in finding, the more lessons you got. Later you will see how the earthworms move.

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