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betray me inside…

Freely, move my heart from one side to the other

Hope for something different that can keep it warm

But, I found the shape is no longer smooth and round

Reveal it, then let Allah take care the rest

Lately, I’ve heard the word “betrayer” for so many times. Feels like I’m the victim. Actually I’m not the victim, but I’m the one who betray myself from something that I hide neatly. What kind of person I am???

Soon I will wrap up this things, then pour out some fragrance to stir the air neutrally


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kalo menurutmu apa???


Maria (A2C) bilang : “Love is a sweet torment”

Risma bilang : “Cinta…persepsi tak berkesudahan..”

Mbak Arie bilang : “Cinta itu indah loh…membuat hidup lebih semangat, seperti energi baru..”

kalo aku??? bingung…love means simplicity…simplicity is trully me…(gak nyambung…gggggrrrrrr)

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miss – hug – eat

Another memorable things in Zhong Li

The day starts with the word “I miss you”, then I become so BBB (yuherina,2009). I just think that it’s good that someone miss you, means that you’re exist. It seems that I will do and have a lot of hugs…


The greatest ukhuwah happens. I met them, my sisters in Islam. The Indonesian students in Taiwan from many universities. I will not explain about the lousy-messy election to find the new chairman of FORMMIT, but feel the air of ukhuwah and Zhong Li itself. Since it’s my first experience to go out from Taipei. Zhong Li is the most honorable place to be visited first.

The destiny happens. Many hugs are done. Of course, I expect the most dramatical hug from Wahidah Mahanani. A very unique person (maybe I will make her as the celebrity in my blog). But, there are many other hugs from my lovely friends such as Yuher, Astri, Eti, Dewi Titi, Sinta, DWW, Ela, Galuh, Siti, Bunga, Lisa, Neta, Mbak Fatimah, etc (sorry if many people are not mentioned). Still, the stories come up from each of them. Since Yuher is the host, so she is too busy to chat with us. She is the queen of the kitchen a.k.a. “upik abu”. So enjoy the smell of the cuisine, very very sastisfying. The foods make this empty stomach full, or even ask for more 😆

Start and end that day with a hug. It’s trully releiving. Miss your hugs again sisters…

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sign in…

Not many of us who realize that many things need to be attached to our body and mind to make it balance

Synchronization between your heart and your brain can be the answer to fit yourself with your surroundings


When you feel that everytime you give more then you’ll lose much, it means that you have something wrong inside

When you stir the gentle wind through your heart, it means that you believe that love is not a torment

When you hold the warmest feeling, it means that Allah keeps you in His way

When you fall for something new, it means that you know that life still goes on and will be different from time to time

When you get mad, it means that you do not get the trouble solved

When you get silly, it means that you are blessed with a chance

When you are swept away, it means that you run away from something that can hold you best

When you are freezing, it means that you still believe that the sun has its own power

When you are nobody, it means that no longer needed to be the same person..

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March 7th…

There’s someone who is affraid to pass this day. She said that in her blog. But, she gives a lot of explanation in Al-Qur’an about the magic number of 7. Actually I didn’t realize, that there’re so many ayat in Al-Qur’an using the number of 7. Then, My birthday also in the date of 7. Let’s give some appreciation for my beloved friends here.


Iin Nurinayah what a beautiful name!

No need to worry about the future, just live for today. Do as much as you can for today to raise the award from Allah

There’re so many beautiful plan that Allah arrange for you. Since you’re a  good person and you give much to your surroundings

Every experience that you have got, will make you better and sweeter

Be strong as the sun, be brave as the giant, be bold as the mountain, and be persistent as the conqueror 

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