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in the middle of nowhere


Feels like nobody can understand my feelings, and I need Allah very much. I need my Lord to release me from every pain and sickness. I don’t know what kind of sickness that I am suffered from. I feel nothing, know nothing, and get nothing sometimes. No, I have to earn something from each stories, from every single breath that I take, from every glance of my eyes, from every hope that I lean on Allah. I need to feel the most essential life of life itself. In the middle of nowhere, I should stand and fix my own position. I need to change, and recover all these matters right.


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I did the homework!

2nd-grade-teacherMy next stories about my elementary teacher. Her name is Ibu Titin (actually I forgot her full name). She is the most beautiful teacher that I had in elementary school. She’s Sundanese actually, so she was so good when she taught the Sundanese. I need to tell you that I have the Sundanese class. It’s trully difficult, since I’m not Sundanese. But let’s forget about the lesson.

I have a memorable story about her. One day before the class ended, we usually collect the homework. And if the students didn’t do the homework, they must stand in front of the class and get some preaches from the teacher. Then you have to finish it at the class. So you will be the last to be home. That day, I actually had done the homework. I collect my work. I trully did it. But then the teacher says that she hadn’t seen my homework yet. Then I move forward to make sure that I’d already collected it on her desk. We usually collected the homework in front of the teacher on the teacher’s desk. Then, I didn’t find my work. I go back to my seat, then try to find my work. But there’s nothing. Well, I get back to the teacher and said that I had collected my work, but I didn’t know why it was disappeared.

The teacher gets a little bit angry, then said that I’m lying that I had done the homework. She ordered me to stand in front of the class. I insisted that I’ve done the homework. But the more I insisted, the more the teacher got angry. I started to cry. And after, I had to stand for a long time. I was the person who got home late, that was because of the punishment that I should receive. I was still crying when I walked out the class. I was unlucky, because the teacher accused me that I didn’t do the homework. But the next unlucky occasion happened again. Since I kept on crying, I didn’t watch my step. I fell into a deep ditch in front of my school. My legs were hurted and needed to do some treatment because it was bleeding. The people in front of my school who were helping me out from the ditch.

Until now, I never know where is my homework. Because when I checked at home, I didn’t even see my homework. And I was quite sure that I’ve already collect the homework. I feel that the teacher was unfair by doing that to me. But still she was my beautiful teacher. After I passed the second grade, she moved to another school. So until now, I haven’t seen her yet. I love to be taught by you. Thank’s for everything…

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Ujian itu…


Ujian itu mengukur kurva diri atas sesuatu yang dipelajari

Ujian itu menantang kematangan pribadi atas sebuah kata bernama “sensitivitas”

Ujian itu melenggang penuh keikhlasan dan kepasrahan atas usaha nyata

Ujian itu mengejar ketertinggalan atas sebuah kelalaian

Ujian itu memilah kerumitan atas segala kejadian

Ujian itu menggambarkan kekuatan cinta atas sebuah derita

Ujian itu repetasi atas filter waktu yang memberi makna

Ujian itu ekspektasi atas peringkat yang lebih tinggi

Ujian itu sinkronisasi atas sebuah jati diri


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Sounds Good…


“Xin nian kuai le..” how’s that sound? Just so so, right? There’s many good sounds starts the new year. Many weddings will be held. Start with Maya and Kiki in January 11th, 2009. I will be happy for two of you. May everything go right and smoothly. There are some weddings, but I can’t publish since they want to publish by themself. So my friends who have told their  plan to get married this year, no need to worry because “your secret is safe with me” 😳

Today I also received an email from the Fosil MMIT mail list, which is from Mbak Iin. She will hold a wedding too. nice to hear that. I will be happy for you. Eventhough I haven’t met you yet, but I’m trully inspired by you. A very good moslem with a brilliant mind. Many stories I’ve heard about her, and all of their stories about you really make me proud of you. Keep on moving in your way, so I will be spotted by your spirit too.

Next, what’s the good sound…I will get my winter vacation with so many papers to be read…Is that sounds good?  😉  🙄

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