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The routine during the 31-1

No need to publish actually, but every year during December 31st and January 1st I always deal with the homework. I don’t know why I still have this kind of routine as long as I’m still a “student”. Today I had a bad cough, so I decide to take the syrup for healing this trouble and get some sleeps. But still I have this suffer because the weather is getting colder. I analyze that my cough always comes when the weather is getting cold. And now, I want to write something. I open my blog and think why do I always so many tasks during 31-1. I will have the final exam, it’s counting down actually. How can I concentrate…Just think the people in Palestine, they don’t get any convenience and pleasure in everything. Why should I get more lamentation and complaint! Be brave, break down all the difficulties and make some moves. Allahu Akbar. I need to sleep again now 😛


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What kind of helps that I can give?

n41803352331-6696Actually it’s a little bit hard to decide what’s the best title for this posting. It’s new year for everyone, but a tragical day for people in Palestine. They need to be saved because of their insecurities under the Israel attacks. We can see that there are no humanization and ethics here. The died and dying people are no longer the adult, but also the children even the babies. Can you believe that? There’s nothing to deal with the Israel. They do the greatest robbery in Palestine land ever in the history. Let Allah gives you the greatest torment ever. Just believe and trust Allah. Let Allah heal every suffer that you face.

It’s kind of a sickness, because I do nothing to save them. I didn’t go for the peace action today in Taipei 101. Actually, it’s a greatest opportunity for us to make the world see that the Israel can’t be tolerated anymore. Since a long long time ago actually, the world has to do some punishment for everything that Israel did to the people in Palestine. I just have a prayer to contribute that I’m still care about Palestine. No more I can do, maybe some donations will help.

So many people suffers there just because of the economic embargo. No electricity, no food, no place for praying, no medicine, and there are so many NO exist. But they always have the soldiers who believe that Allah will help them. That’s enough to make the Israels affraid. So many people die, but there will be so many people born. That’s one way Allah shows His mighty. And there are so many other mighties and miracles that Allah shows to us that people in Palestine are the gratest people ever. Many words will never enough to describe their braveness and sovereignty. You cry just for a while, because they remember that they will laugh together in the paradise next. They take the unfortunately situation as the chance to get the paradise. They smell the paradise everywhere. They can feel that every prayer that we send give them a bright torches in their heart. For them, the prayer is useful enough that they are still care about.

For the last time I want to reveal that I’m happy to be a moslem, to have a siblings like you people in Palestine, to feel with the braveness along your hard times, to deal with everything that we can do just to help you, to gain some courages from every tears that you drop to make us stronger. I’m nothing compares to you. Allahu Akbar. Wallahu’alam.

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Deal with the Wind, Be Friend with the Rain

I try to recognize the flow, but you just say “Hi…”

I want to hug you, but you just let me feel and away

You come just to make me settle down then disguised my pathetic scream

Nice to deal with you “WIND”

She falls from the sky for good reasons

She crashes my head softly, but sometimes hard

She sweeps my tears away without any remains and kills the silent perfectly

She is “RAIN”, my best friend.


Who am “I”? Who are “you”? Who is “she”? Please try to make some connections…Good Luck

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The Very Best Teacher and Best Friend Ever…


Nearly for mother’s day in Indonesia. And I’ve already missed my mom from time to time. She is the very best teacher ever. She makes my brother and I can recognize the alphabets and numbers. She is good in teaching children because she knows how to treat the children. Long time ago, my mother wished to be a teacher but her sisters didn’t allow her to be a teacher. And now, she’s a very good mother for her family. She’s not only good in teaching, but also good in cooking and sewing. Some of my friends has tried my mom’s cooking, and they are satisfy. And for sewing, many of my clothes, especially my skirts are my mother’s hand made. Many abilities and skills that she has. I’m proud to have her as my mother.

Not only as a parent, my mother is a very best friend too. She can understand us in every way. She knows that we need some freedom and excuses to grow as we should be. She tolerates many things, as long as we responsible with our choices. But sometimes she gets angry too. And, it’s not good to see her mad, truly. My mother talks and shares much about everything. She talks in a very friendly ways, so we don’t feel that we’re preached by someone. She loves children and she knows how does it feel to be a children.

She’s easy to get close to everyone. Each of my friends and my brother’s friend know my mom well, very well actually. Sometimes they have a collaboration just to embarassed me. Sometimes I get angry, but I don’t mind about that. Sometimes I feel so sad if I remember my mom. As the time we grow older, my brother and I have not much time to get along with my mother. I talk to my mother for every hard days that I face, and she’s just listening and giving some comments that I have to be patient. She prays a lot for me, but sometimes I didn’t obey her. I feel so guilty. And now, after I’m so far away from her she gives more prayer for me and also courages to keep my spirit high to finish my study. It’s just the beginning, but I’ve already missed her a lot. I just entrust my mother to Allah SWT. Please give her the best, as she always gives to my brother and I. It’s getting gloomy, I need to end this.

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Nice Lunch

lunchToday, the weather is so nice. Not so cold, warm actually. I decide to eat my lunch at the park in front of my dormitory with my friend. Last time, I’ve ever seen my Vietnam friend, eat in the park. Then I think, it’s a good idea to eat there. And today I can make it real, I eat lunch there and feel so happy. There are some trees in the park and they have flowers too. And the amazing view is seeing the squirrels run and jump from one tree to antoher tree. And then, they often run to us. They are not afraid of human being. It’s a funny show in the park.

I always walk through the park in the morning when I have a class in the morning. Actually, all my classes are in the morning. So almost everyday, I walk through this park. If I still have much time, I sit there and see the view. Not so many people there in the morning, so I can enjoy it by myself. But, the contrary situation will happen at night. I think that I don’t need to explain the detail what happens there at night. It’s also the best place to chat or share something. Like I’ve ever done with Mbak Ervin. She gave me many advices there. To be happy. I will try to exist myself by searching my own happiness here. Thank’s for your advices.

This place is the only place that I love most in my campus. Since I haven’t browsed Taipei, so this is enough for getting a different atmosphere than that in my dormitory. Maybe after I get my leisure time, I will browse some good places in Taipei. Hopefully outside Taipei too. Beside walking and sitting in this park, I have another activity that I love most. Cycling. Then I will have post another story about this. Since my friend in Indonesia doubt my ability in riding the bicycle. Let’s see then. I will attach the photo of my bicycle too, then you’ll believe me. I’m not as bad as you thought in cycling. rrrrgggggghhhhh….

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“Eat” Regularly

image045“When you feel that you will sick, please check again your regularity in everything.  Not only your daily biological meals, but also your spiritual meals”

Nice words right? It’s said by someone who is mature in thinking and behaviour. She just said as simple as that for reminding me when I get down. What’s actually the good side of being well organized? Many things that you can interprete from the word “eat” and “regularly”.

Eating – is a kind of activity to make people gets the nutrition and extra power to survive. Eating is not as easy as giving everything that you find or you like inside your body and mind. You have to know the composition of nutrition of the food. It means that you have to be smart in choosing what’s good for your body and mind. For mind’s nutrition, it’s important since you need to make some decisions for your life in the future. You have to be smart in filtering the junk food and the fresh food. Please refer your knowledge to the nutritionist! Not only your biological needs that you need to be refered, but also your spiritual needs. Because you need it bigger than your biological needs. You need to know the comparison between your supply for biological and spiritual. Sometimes, we feel so hungry but still we feel so happy. And vice versa, we feel so full but we don’t feel safe and free. What’s wrong with our daily eating…Please refer it to yourself, then analyze the composition of each meals.

Regularly – means having a good and well organize daily activities. You may think that it’s not an easy job. Yes, but you can start it now. For the very beginning you will feel that you’re going to be bored and monotonous. And you’ll be so impatient to see the results. You’ll not realize that it’s self-forming. It takes so much time to get your body and mind shaped. It’s a life lecture, there’s no best lecturer for this lecture. No best mark on this lecture. The way you fail or pass this lecture just as simple as letting go your efforts to be survive or stay in the right way. It’s a whole life lecture. So, do you want to try this lecture? But, behind you will see a marvelous advantages.

So, what is actually Eat Regularly means? Just let me simplify this. The whole story concludes that it’s definitely important for knowing yourself much. What’s the connection? You have to be a very sensitive and smart people if you want to conquer yourself. By eating regularly, you will know your weaknesses and your strengths to cover up the minuses, your sickness and the pils to reveal it, your sadness and the happiness to set you that you are still a human being, your failures and the supports to keeps you struggle and alive, your nothing and the existance to stabilize your world.

Especially for Mbak Mila (Nuril Milati), who has give me a very brief words about what should I know about being struggle. No need to be serious to read this. Please give another definition if my definition is not as it should be.

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Pak Katili’s birthday



Actually today is my birthday, but I don’t want to discuss about  my birthday. There’s another person’s birthday that I respect much that I want to discuss. He’s my lecturer and also my advisor when I’m still undergraduate student. His name is Mr. Irwan Katili. Maybe you want me to write his full name completely including the title. Here it is, Prof. Dr. Ir. Irwan Katili, DEA. But, I just call “Pak Katili”, as simple as that. I’ve ever told you before in my previous posting why I just call him “Pak Katili”. He was born in Jakarta on November 13th, 1958. He is a lecturer in Finite Element Method, and he got the highest degree also in Finite Element Method. Have I ever told you how difficult this lecture is? It’s full of mathematics integration and differentiation. But it’s powerful to solve many problems in engineering such as structural mechanics, soil mechanics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, dynamics of structure, aerodynamics, etc. Stop here, I’m not going to make you dizzy because of this tedious lecture.

This year, Pak Katili is already 50 years old. Not old enough for being a Professor right? He got his Professor in 2005 (if I’m not mistaken). And he exists himself just being an expert in Finite Element Method. I’m so proud to have a lecturer like him. You don’t need to worry about his knowledge in this field. He’s perfect. All the problems which are solved by Finite Element Method can be explained by him. Without looking the book, he can explain that. The power of him is giving a difficult problem for us as a quiz, midterm test or final test. He delivered us to do everything systematically and as perfect as we can. Without being realized, you will get used to do everything right in a good manner and understandable by everyone. The most important thing is he will remember your uniqueness in doing your job. Maybe that’s my own judgment, but that’s what my friends and I think.

He also writes his own book in Finite Element Method using Indonesian. That’s the most important thing. As we know that there’re very limited books and references in Indonesian. I didn’t mean that I don’t want to encourage you to have better understanding in English or other language, but it’s better if we are proud of our own language, by having many high quality books and references to be referred.  Even though later we want to translate that to English or another language to make the book more useful for references, that will be different. His efforts need to be appreciated. For us, understanding the Finite Element Method by using Indonesian has already been difficult. Then you can imagine how if we must understand that by using another language.

For your info, he’s so low profile. So simple, until you know what kind of food that he likes. Do you know what is his favourite? He likes “comro”. He insists me to bring him “comro”. And until now, he’s still asking me to make “comro” by myself. Of course I can’t do that, since I have no ability in cooking actually. Another thing that we always notice from him is his clothes. Almost everyday, when he get to campus he’s wearing “batik”. Nice…so Indonesian, right! That’s why, when I see him I always thought that today is Friday. Close to the weekend. hahaha…But, his “batik” is actually cool. Fit to him, until we feel something wrong if he wears long-sleeve shirts and wearing a tie. It’s not actually him. Just kidding sir. Please don’t take it by heart. Thank’s for everything that you’ve shared to us. You’re irreplaceable lecturer. Nice to be your student. Xie xie ni..

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