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New Planet with A Blasting Heat


From the link of, i read a very interesting info in astronomy. There’s a good information about the new planet found outside the solar space system that we know. The planet is named by Fomalhaut b, and its size is as big as Jupiter. Wow…what a big planet! Since the planet can produce its own light, so we have already known that it’s a star too (Please remind your Physics subject in Junior High School) And you know what, it’s shinner than the Sun, 16 times shinner than the sun. Can you imagine that? If we feel so hot because of the Sun shine (which is already filtered of course when it comes to the earth), how if the Sun is changed to the Fomalhaut b…Just think by yourself! That’s why the astronomers can not get the best picture since the shiny light from the stars. It’s detected since 2005, but the astronomers are hard to identified its existance since the star is surrounded by the disk of dust. So if we want to get the best picture of it, the star should have a bigger orbit.

For your information, the Fomalhaut b star age is just around a billion years. Then it will disappear because it burns itself. The very short age for a star to get disappear. If we want to think more, there’s an interesting question connects to it. Allah SWT is really a GREAT CREATURE…Why don’t we have the Fomalhaut b as the center of the solar space sytem to replace the Sun? Maybe because Allah really wants us to get the most convenient light to get the warm life. The very comfortable temperature for human kind. And why is the age short? It’s interesting to analyze this. Eventhough I know nothing about the star theory, but I want to connect it with animal life. The hotter temperature can cause more energy blasting. Maybe you have ever heard about the animal which is the fastest runner, it is a kind of tiger (i forgot the specific species, maybe leopard or something). This animal, can run very fast, but in certain period of time. If they can’t count the time specifically they will die right away. What makes them die fast is because they produce a huge heat when they run very fast. So the heat just can stand for the very short time, if they hold the heat longer, even just a second it will kill them. (Maybe you get dizzy to connect the heat and the light temperature of the Fomalhaut b star…hihihi…)

For simple, I can say that the stabil light or heat is better than the very huge one which can burn itself right away. Form the advantage sides, we can see that something which is too much, is not really good. Just be as it portion. Then the advantage is exist. As we know that the Fomalhaut b star can not be seen clearly, it gives us a lesson, that the huge power is not an extra strength to be shown off. Just be as it portion, then you will be known as the humble person…

Maybe, there’s no connection between the new star found and someone’s life, but everything can be a very good lesson to be known. Be thankful to Allah SWT for everything that you get everyday, even from a very simple thing that you see. At least, to show that your mind is still working.

“Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?” (Ar-Rahmaan)

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The First Teacher (Ibu Yusmiasih)


It’s been a long time that I want to post all the teachers who had ever taught me. From the elementary until senior high school. Since I didn’t enroll the kindergarten, so I can not show the profile of my kindergarten teacher. For me the first teacher is my mother.  She has a very good way of teaching. She taught me and my brother about the basic calculation, writting, and reading. And the result is not disappointing. She is good in teaching and taking care of the children.

My first environment in education is Elementary School. For me it’s the most memorable time in my life. I didn’t have to study harder, like I do now. It’s fun…just learn how to write and do the simple calculation. Beside, I don’t need to memorize many lessons. I have many beautiful experiences in my Elementary School. Ibu Yus (that’s the nickname of Ibu Yusmiasih) is a very tough and patient teacher that I’ve ever known. She taught the first grade. You know what, to be the teacher in the first grade needs extra patience. And she had that. She is perfect to be the first grade teacher. She is not only handling the lessons, but also handling the students. She is the second mother for all the students. She took care all the messy things happened in the class. Noisy is one of the most difficult thing to handle. But she had her own way to keep the students paid attention to her.

She was not fierce, but she had her own rule. Her voice was loud, but she didn’t judge the students. She was strong, but her hands showed the tenderness. She would hug you when you are too afraid to be injected when the doctor came to the school for the immunization. She would not come home until your mom came to pick you up. She is excellent. The best teacher for leaning on.

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In the Lake of the Knowledge

wo_wallpA long time ago, I felt that I have worked hard to get all the knowledge in Indonesia. But the fact is totally wrong. I work with some people in my country just to understand a very little. I complained about all the tasks that are given to me and of course all the students did the same. I thought that I’ve known much about everything connected to civil engineering. But once more, I know nothing…

Since I’m in Taiwan, I become so weak and so little. I realize that I have to compete harder with many people. Not only with the Indonesian students, who are good in their major; but also with the local students, who are more advanced than Indonesia. I believe that they have a different rules and signs in civil engineering. Eventhough the culture is totally different with Indonesia, but they have more appreciation in knowledge.

I can say that in Indonesia I compete with many good people, but in Taiwan I compete with a better people who has more appreciation of education. The style of their learning is different. The treatment of the lecturers are trully advising. They appreciate their job, that’s why they have a big appreciation to the education. And today, I have to swim in the lake of the knowledge by myself for not to be drowning in the bed of the lake. I don’t want to be left behind. I have to work harder than the most of people. Because I realize that I’m not a fast learner, who can understand in a glance. I’m just thankful that I have the opportunity to study here and know that the knowledge is become more advanced in every part of the world. I’m still in the lake, not yet in the ocean. Maybe someday I will have the opportunity to swim in the ocean of the knowledge.

VS : For me who is trying to raise my spirit high…And learn to swim well in case of afraid of being drowned…

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