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Know me (part 1)

Why did I make this blog :

I want to know people, I expect to be part of the big thoughts of truth, I need to get more information all around the world, I want to be more extrovert, I expect to be more sensitive, I need to change to be better and better”

What did I write here :

“Everything that I think, everything that I need to be criticized, everything that connects to Civil Engineering (I hope…), everything that’s good for my health…hehehe”

What do I expect from this blog :

“suggestions, critics, prayers”

Who will be the celebrity in my blog :

“my teachers, my friends, my parent, someone who just come up for a while. so everyone can be the celebrity in my blog…may be you’ll get the priority…hehehe…”


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The perfect time to do shopping

Yesterday, actually the holiday because of the Independence Day. But,  ririn and I have a very boring feeling about all of the things we faced lately. Then, we go shopping, not a window shopping. Guess what we buy? New SHOES… it’s the first time for me to buy shoes by myself, What…! (hehehe…it’s for real, my mother always do that for me)

The most exciting part is we love the same type of shoes. Simple but comfortable. Ririn says that my choice is really indicates me, she even says that I’m better in choosing something. Oh my goodness, am i that bad? But, that’s OK as long as I’m happy with it. Actually my choice is really fair, not really good, but it’s the first time I choose my own shoes.

What’s good from this story :

1. I feel better to be simple

2. Choosing is more satisfying, there is a responsibility of my choice

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Happy – Sad – Happy again…

Astagfirullah…many sins that I’ve done. I can’t understand what Allah means behind with all of the plans. Please give me more patience and sensitivity to understand what You mean.

Yesterday :”you’ll reach your dream, it’s almost closer…but you have to be ready for the challenge. feel all the spirit…taste all the sweetest knowledge…breath all the depth of the theories…plan all the unforgettable vacation…your life will be more passionate! I bet you’ll be happy! Just wait and see :)”

Today : “The challenges are trully coming before the happy days. the scarry things happens…the anxiety surrounds me…the smile is getting lazy…the problems that should be avoided, unpredictably coming…”

Tomorrow : “The day for the execution is not coming yet…Keep optimistic… there are still many days to fix all the weaknesses. there are many ways toward the beautiful days. there are some possibilities to choose. there are many curiosity waitting to be solved.”

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow : “Everything can be happened every single seconds. but  faith to Allah about everything can eliminate you from the sadness. Hopefully I can understand all of these writing…it’s absolutely for ME…”

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First Shot…

The day I try this blog, I remember my best friend who loves to write…then I try to do the same, in the purpose of sharing 🙂

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